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"V/A - Deep Into The Nexus"

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Artist: Various

Title: Deep Into The Nexus

Label: Nexus Media

Date: February, 2007


1. Brethren & Outer Signal - Rock

2. Hydraglyph - Nowhere Near

3. Phyx - Evolver

4. Abomination - Pass Away (Shift Remix)

5. Twisted System - Mad Method (Live Version)

6. Slug & Abomination - Where is Magneto?

7. Shift - Pump

8. Pitch Hikers - Counter Culture

9. Artifakt - Gravity Spine Pt. 1

10. Artifakt - Gravity Spine Pt. 2






"And then suddenly....BOOM!"



Any astrophysicist or rocket scientist worth his salt will tell you that this compilation is devastating.  It's night time psytrance from 10 years ago that holds up very well.  Acid all over the place with the ominous melodies that made Nexus Media one of the premier labels for this type of music.  The first 7 tracks are blisteringly good and don't let up a hair.  It culminates in the techno influenced weirdness that garnered Artifakt a loyal following.  If you're a fan of the South African style of psy from the mid 2000's (and let's be honest you should be) then this is a must have.












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