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Found 3 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Fractal Energy Label: Fractal Records Date: February, 2007 1. Electric Universe - Shift 2. Neuromotor Vs. Electrocult - Humamacumadi 3. Outer Signal - Alien Signal 4. Painkiller Vs. Puzzle - Invalid Extension 5. Sidhartha - The Sleepwalker 6. Madnetic - Jungle Groove 7. Kali - Travelizer 8. Chromatone Vs. Random - Lighter Than Light 9. Elec3 - Purple Shrimp 10. Hexagnum - The Poem What is it with these compilations that just mail it in as the you go deeper down the tracklist? Seems it was a common practice with a lot of labels, but let's be honest there's a lot wrong with this compilation. Right from the outset we get a track from legend Boris Blenn that sounds identical to almost every track he's been making for a decade. Taking a sabbatical might not be the worst thing for him at this point. Moving on I defy you to make it through Humanacumadi without wanting to trip a toddler. It's ruthless in its annoyance. Next we are subjected to "full-on with an edge" clones that don't succeed in either category. This includes Invalid Extension with it's insipid sample, touch tones, and bass line made me want to dig up Alexander Graham Bell and punch his corpse. How in the f*ck does that get past quality control? Somehow I have two physical copies and it's the equivalent of leaving a bag of poo on my doorstep whilst you ring the bell and hide behind a bush. Often I wonder why I continue to review so many deeply flawed albums when there's porn to be watched and sh*ts to be taken, but I always come back to the same answer. I do it for you. Psyshop Beatspace
  2. Artist: Various Title: Deep Into The Nexus Label: Nexus Media Date: February, 2007 1. Brethren & Outer Signal - Rock 2. Hydraglyph - Nowhere Near 3. Phyx - Evolver 4. Abomination - Pass Away (Shift Remix) 5. Twisted System - Mad Method (Live Version) 6. Slug & Abomination - Where is Magneto? 7. Shift - Pump 8. Pitch Hikers - Counter Culture 9. Artifakt - Gravity Spine Pt. 1 10. Artifakt - Gravity Spine Pt. 2 "And then suddenly....BOOM!" Any astrophysicist or rocket scientist worth his salt will tell you that this compilation is devastating. It's night time psytrance from 10 years ago that holds up very well. Acid all over the place with the ominous melodies that made Nexus Media one of the premier labels for this type of music. The first 7 tracks are blisteringly good and don't let up a hair. It culminates in the techno influenced weirdness that garnered Artifakt a loyal following. If you're a fan of the South African style of psy from the mid 2000's (and let's be honest you should be) then this is a must have. Psyshop Beatspace
  3. Artist: Various Title: Vaporize 2 Label: Vaporvent Records Date: February, 2007 1. Echo Ghetto - EARTHLING, MEKKANIKKA, CHROMATONE 2. Instru-Mental - MEKKANIKKA 3. Out of Phase rmx - JIRAH 4. Revolution - AUDIALIZE 5. Paganoize - ELECTRYPNOSE, CHROMATONE 6. Restart - PURE PRESSURE 7. Chronophasia - 4 WINDS CIRCLE, CHROMATONE 8. Blue Hole - PURE PRESSURE 9. Connected - POLARIS 10. This is the exit - IBOJIMA, CHROMOSOME More stuff I've had hanging around for a while. I know most of the artists and have heard good tracks from all of them so let's see where this goes... Echo Ghetto- As soon as I hear the word bass, I've got one foot on the ledge. The vocoded sample that rises in pitch puts two feet there. Shame really because it's really pumping in a don't tell mom I'm out this late you won't will you type of way. It's aimed at that market right? Instru-Mental- I don't know what's been going on with this guy. Having six albums on six different labels can't be a good sign. You want people to look forward to your music? Make them miss you. Full-on to the bone at least it's well produced full-on. It's an epic trance type of track that has a nice break and a piano. Slight buildups and twisting of the pitch, but not as horrible as it could've been. Out of Phase Remix- I really liked his Fluorogenic EP from 2009 but this is before that. There are loads of effects that add to the atmosphere but that doesn't make it any less full-oney. Well, let me...yeah I guess I could dance to this... That's not awkward, is it? I like the leads and it's constant change of direction. This guy's got talent. Revolution- Always liked this project as they tend toward the twilight side and are great with putting all the pieces together. Acidic flashes and eerie melodies float over a machine gun bass line and I guess this was live because there's a bunch a people cheering. Sounds full to these ears, but 3 separate times with the cheering crowd? It's ok, but with a track named revolution it should sound, I dunno...revolutionary? Ok, ok...that's all I can take. I guess when you compile something you can put as many of your tracks on it as you would like, right Chromatone? You know how you shouldn't judge a book by its cover? Sure he looks ridiculous and while you might think that this lion looks gay with his perm, he can still eat you. Well it's ok in this situation. This is an example of one of the many compilations that have gotten lost in the tidal wave of full-on. It's not terrible and it's not great. It just is. And Electypnose, what the f*ck are you doing on this thing? Was rent due, needed some quick cash? The full-on bass line is well represented here and I like to think I'm more tolerant than most, I only lasted 4 tracks. Psyshop Beatspace Saikosounds Mdk
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