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Filteria - Perpetually Delayed Voyage Ep


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Artist: Filteria

Title: Perpetually Delayed Voyage Ep

Label: Lost Language

Date: March, 2013


1. Perpetually Delayed Voyage (Original)

2. Perpetually Delayed Voyage (Sonic Entity Mix)

3. Perpetually Delayed Voyage (Konektiv Mix)


Jannis Tzikas is a pillar in the goa trance community and a major reason for its resurgence and continued popularity.  His album from 2004 Sky Input was musical napalm and just what was needed at the time.  Also it was the first release from a then fledgling Suntrip Records.  Hard to believe it's been 13 years.  This little ep came out before Filteria's last album Lost In The Wild and is interesting as it consists of a goa track and then two progressive remixes of that track.  Released by a label with a long history it's available in digital or a Cd-r format.  Although I don't know where you would get the Cd-r as it doesn't seem available at the Lost Language site.


Perpetually Delayed Voyage is in the vein of his last two albums fluid with smooth melodies instead of the chaotic bombast with which he burst onto the scene.  The Sonic Entity mix retains the goa flavor of the original yet spreads it out over something you might hear from Iono or Ovnimoon.  The Konektiv Mix  has a housey feel;  close and connected if not a bit dark. 





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still one of the best neogoa tracks there ever was. nothing like his latest album where everything sounds crap mcfly. this at least had the kick going down the fundamental vs the new shit who cut that shit off using a shitty filter. Got damn im angry over that. This genius made this track then he made the latest almost 10 years later. What happened? How can you go backwards my dude? This was your peak this and Filtertraces/Wormhole and the rest of that album... Im sad and happy at the same time. Im happy you made this but sad you stop making this

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