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Stellar Flux - Psychedelic Tech Sounds

Stellar Flux

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Hi folks,


Im George aka Stellar Flux, from Tbilisi, Georgia.

Producing mainly psychedelic sounds with tech flavour on it


here are my last two tracks :


Some Acid Ambient Chillprog



Acid techno with some psychedelic flavour



also you can find my older works on my Soundcloud page - https://soundcloud.com/stellarflux

and bandcamp (free to download) https://stellarflux.bandcamp.com/


enjoy and dont hesitate to post your thoughts or ideas about my music :)



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Really nice, both of them! What is it with flood of talented Georgians (first 2kija, now this :))


Lots of awesome music on your SoundCloud - subscribed!

thanks for feedback !

actually stellar flux project started together with 2kija and with his inspiration, he's good friend of mine :D

and now we also work together from time to time (i think he'll post psytrance remix (such a gem !) on my track Aero Sol soon).


thanks for subscription :)

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well, actually I'm not playing at those parties, and barely playing tech-stuff at all at the moment. I used to but now it's just psytrance in public.

Maybe you have some faster stuff around 138-140? it can still be quite tech, but would be great as an intro for a psy set

ok i got it :)

you can check my soundcloud page : https://soundcloud.com/stellarfluxand check older tracks, like,


more goaish vibe :



tech psytrance:



trancey one :



straight psytrance :



some oldschool vibes :



some oldschool vibes :


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