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why so few votes on the not so bloody sirius 2016 Top 10 releases thread?


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Dont you wanna share your top 10 no matter how hard it is to place one above or below the other sometimes etc? 10th place gets 1 point, the 1st place gets 10 points.  BTW I have a question, if one album has say 2 ambient / chillout tracks, but the rest is upbeat. Can I still put it on my top 10 downtempo vote? 

*personally I only include the releases I legally own. 


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Ive not been overlly active so you might have discussed it already, but isnt it then better to have a overlapping year so that people can vote for the "best of 2016" releases through 2017, then reveal the 2016 results at the end of 2017, so that a 2017 vote can begin through 2018......  I guess to have it more "action packed, like this forum is not. Is ideally a better idea. Anyway. Im still wondering about if this is a ok.. *dont take my placings too seriouss even though they do give different points. 

1: Aes Dana Feat. Miktek ‎– Far & Off (Ultimae Records)
2: Globular - Holobiont (Not On Label - Globular Self-released)
3: Kalya Scintilla - Listen to the Trees EP (Merkaba Music)
​4. RA - Earthcall
4: v/a ‎– Cascades Of Life (Psynews)
5. Ultimate Xperience - Lazarus Rising EP (Neogoa Records)

e.*of course, why wouldnt it be Ok? If one upbeat artist release witth 1 downbeat track manages to score enough points on the downbeat release results,,, congratz.

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