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Madnetic - Magnetic Fields

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Artist: Madnetic

Title: Magnetic Fields

Label: Nutek Records

Date: February, 2008


1. Dejavoo

2. Click The Red

3. Subliminal

4. No Way

5. Afro Samurai

6. Todo Bien

7. On Time

8. Playground (feat. Painkiller & Mekkanikka)

9. Got To Be Funky (feat. Pure Pressure)

10. Magnetic Fields


"Got to be funky!"




Funky, not insipid.


I severely underestimated how much sh*tty psytrance was out there.  Madnetic falls into line with his one and only album under the Nutek label.  A label which has brought us such turd burgers as Discodelic and Eat It by former psytrance artist CPU, the last 12 carbon copy nonsense records from Mekkanikka, and an artist album by an a project called Punchline.  I am not making this up.  The label has been prodigious in producing full-on music with zero depth and an unhealthy affinity for build-ups and snare manipulation.  And this factory has been busy.


Like previous offers from this label Madnetic isn't so much as involving you in his music as much as he wants to bludgeon you with it.  Build-ups galore, silly samples, and headache inducing loudness.  With the subtlety of the Jersey shore he aims to have the masses fist pumping as he wages war on any dynamics the music may have foolish notions of containing.  The whole thing is a cringe-worthy cheesefest that will have the girls laughing at you and pointing at your small penis whilst you pump this up in your red IROC. 


Todo no esta bien.



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