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Found 3 results

  1. Artist: Madnetic Title: Magnetic Fields Label: Nutek Records Date: February, 2008 1. Dejavoo 2. Click The Red 3. Subliminal 4. No Way 5. Afro Samurai 6. Todo Bien 7. On Time 8. Playground (feat. Painkiller & Mekkanikka) 9. Got To Be Funky (feat. Pure Pressure) 10. Magnetic Fields "Got to be funky!" Funky, not insipid. I severely underestimated how much sh*tty psytrance was out there. Madnetic falls into line with his one and only album under the Nutek label. A label which has brought us such turd burgers as Discodelic and Eat It by former psytrance artist CPU, the last 12 carbon copy nonsense records from Mekkanikka, and an artist album by an a project called Punchline. I am not making this up. The label has been prodigious in producing full-on music with zero depth and an unhealthy affinity for build-ups and snare manipulation. And this factory has been busy. Like previous offers from this label Madnetic isn't so much as involving you in his music as much as he wants to bludgeon you with it. Build-ups galore, silly samples, and headache inducing loudness. With the subtlety of the Jersey shore he aims to have the masses fist pumping as he wages war on any dynamics the music may have foolish notions of containing. The whole thing is a cringe-worthy cheesefest that will have the girls laughing at you and pointing at your small penis whilst you pump this up in your red IROC. Todo no esta bien. Psyshop
  2. Artist: Various Title: The Dark Side of the Groove Label: Nutek Records Date: April, 2007 1. Bio-Genesis - Hemisphere 2. Mad Netic - Transmission 3. Painkiller - Speed of Light 4. CPU & Sirius Isness - Brain Chemistry 5. Bliss - Redemption Bong 6. Mekkanikka - Zowanagor 7. Azax Syndrom - Existence 8. Menog - Never Again Vision 9. Painkiller Vs. Mekkanikka - Time Is Now 10. Atomic Pulse - Strike Twice No. No. Hell no. As far as I'm concerned Nutek is everything that is wrong with psytrance. They're the frat boy with the popped collar, hat to the side, Abercrombie & Fitch uniform that thinks you yearn to be like him. But I see through your douchebag facade "Brad". They compile music under the pretense that it is dark and involved when it is the same stop and start nonsense that has infected the scene. Puddle deep and sample heavy this is a manual on what not to do. I would insist an apology from the artists, but I understand they got bills to pay and a label like Nutek follows these guys like stressed out dog walker picking up whatever they sh*t out. Insipid titles with build-ups and full on bass lines topped off with tired leads. There was zero groove to be found here and the only part of me that received a workout was my fast forwarding finger. I'm the last guy to claim any moral superiority, but if this is your definition of quality psytrance then we cannot be friends. Just to be safe, stay out of crosswalks also. Psyshop
  3. Artist: Various Title: Skydivers Label: Nutek Records Date: August, 2006 1. Madnetic - Off Topic 2. Absolum Vs. GMS - The Therapy (Live Rmx) 3. Bliss - Viking Craft 4. Sirius Isness - Mercury Retrograde 5. CPU - Close Your Eyes 6. Mekkanikka - Hill Bily Boy 7. V-Storm - Acid In My Fridge 8. Painkiller - Substain 9. Menog Vs. Space Tribe - Spiritual Experience 10. Painkiller Vs. Bliss - Goblin Fever One day I plan to attempt sky diving. Of course it'll be when the kids are all grown up and by that time I'll be old enough that I won't give a f*ck which way it turns out. Hopefully for the best, but you never know. This is the very first release from Nutek Records, a label which began in 2006 by former psytrance artist CPU. I say former because any psychedelic creativity from Sammy has been drop kicked over a cliff long ago. Have you heard his music lately? Pee-Yew. So of course this, the maiden voyage of the label is chock full of commercial full-on masquerading as night time acidic madness. And like those who have launched themselves out of a plane I immediately regret this decision. Don't be fooled by the tracklist. Repetitive samples, exhausting buildups, and plenty of mood killing stops and starts make this jumping out of a perfectly good plane without a parachute. It's a race to the bottom with craptacular efforts from all concerned with the trophy going to the sample heavy, vomit inducing Acid in My Fridge. It could go down as one of the top ten worst tracks of all time. That's quite an achievement considering how long full-on has been around, but rest assured it's well earned. The only track that I would consider saving is Spiritual Experience and you can find that track on the Kaleidoscopic Visions compilation. Therefore this disc is wholly unnecessary and I certainly would've nudged this bloated f*ck out of the plane before he got his chute on. First impressions are a fact of life and ever since this came out I cannot bring myself to listen to anything from this label. If you are so intent on making un-psychedelic music then why not just do something else? Promo: "10 mind blowing tracks that will bring some Nu-tek into your ears..." Oh hell no. I'd rather sit next to this guy. Psyshop Mdk
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