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Ten Zion - Psychedelic trance


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I appreciate the impeccable and unusual style, the 'organic' / 'live' feel of it, the great production values, the very obvious personal sound signature. You seem to know what you want and how to execute on that vision.


Having said that, I know that even for myself I'd listen to it very rarely, because it's so dark, sterile and claustrophobic. If you do the music for yourself & selected few dedicated fans then it's all good, but if you want to reach wider audience you'll need to get out of your comfort zone - add few more "normal" acid lines and melodic hooks, focus on clear progression and pacing, maybe even brighten up the atmosphere a bit.


As is, I really REALLY like it both technically & artistically, but it's extremely niche music :)

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on the triplet bass, mixed with the normal bass u can extend the last note of the triplet, and make it more interesting, not

every bar , maybe every second bar or so:) the from 2:00 up to the first break some synth hooks and acid, like antic said will

expand the idea even further:)and u can carry it over into the second half of the track.

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