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"V/A - Inner Uninverse"


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Artist: Various

Title: Inner Universe Vol. 1

Label: Manatargaq Music

Date: September, 2016


1. p2 - Pure Sense

2. Cosmic Harmony - Crow & Owl

3. Omneon - Small Planet

4. Fiery Dawn - Juggernaut

5. Laatoka - Pillars of Creation

6. Fiery Dawn & Nova Fractal & Omneon - Kalachakra

7. Sinhu - Future Technology

8. Tavi - Mandovi

9. Quron - Expansion





"I think he just can't do much of anything for himself!"


Like a Republican politician's first time in heels this offering stumbles out of the gate, never managing to gain its footing.  You know you're in a bit of trouble when the promo is is a smorgasbord of poor grammar and punctuation.  Most of the artists are "up and coming" and unfortunately you can hear it in the quality of the tracks.  Nothing terrible per se, but very formulaic with average sound choices and not a lot of oomph.  There are a couple of bright spots with one of them being wicked f*cking good.  Future Technology by Sinhu is a searing old school track that is miles above the rest here.   




Mantargaq Music Bandcamp


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