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Deliriant - Unstoppable Remixes

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Artist: Various

Title: Unstoppable Remixes

Label: Mechanik Records

Date: October, 2014


1. Unstoppable (Shameless Remix)

2. Unstoppable (Outer Signal Remix)

3. Unstoppable (Brain Attack Remix)

4. Unstoppable (Resonanz3 Remix)

5. Cosmic Connection (Abomination Remix)






Let me stop you right there.


I like the Deliriant project, always have.  Their aggressive, dark and melodic style was a staple for years showing the kids how it was done.  Normally I don't review remix albums where it's just one track being remixed because I don't believe the artists truly understand what a remix is.  For God's sake too many treat it like a f*cking copy machine.  If you're going to do it make it your own.  And maybe some did a bit of that.


But you don't have to make it stop and start annoying do you?  Most of the tracks are just inferior variations of the original, but the Resonanz3 remix was I think better.  Pure power and acidic mayhem.  The final track is pretty good stuff too, but nothing groundbreaking.  So a couple of tracks are worth it, but hardly something you have to have. 


Juno Download

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