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Xamanist - 7 [EKTLP21]

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"7" is the second album by Portuguese producer Xamanist (Sérgio Ribeiro).
Seven years after making his debut with Initiation (also released on Ektoplazm) comes this seven track journey through earthy and organic full-on and progressive psytrance with strong old school Goa trance influences.
These songs reflect the seven years of change, growth, and evolution, all of which reshaped his creative vision.
Bringing a new life into this world and becoming a father was key to this transformation, instilling within his music all the joy, enlightenment, and responsibility that accompanies this pivotal experience.
Shifting from more night-oriented psychedelia to a more progressive and hypnotic vibe, Xamanist maintains his identity as an old school Goa trance composer open to new textures and sounds that have arisen over the many years of psychedelic trance evolution.
Featuring voices by Sérgio Ribeiro, Joana Tomaz, and Mia Ribeiro.
Track 3 originally by Random Mode.
Mastering by Colin OOOD at the Stooodio with artwork by Basilisk.

Download: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/xamanist-7

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So far I dig DNA very much, I will write more as I go through whole album!




So I liked more than several tracks from this album.


- Album takes off with "Re-Restart" which is darker track in the beginning, but it reveals its melodic atmosphere towards the end - which got me going through the second part of the track nicely, well done! You can hear 90´s influence allover this track, and this is what boggles my mind in a very positive way, yet the track contains modern elements that keeps it present. I find it as mixture of softer melodic "Jaia" like GoaTrance and Oldschool trance from 90´s.


- Second track "DNA" goes with more classical simple GoaTrance approach, but that entrancing repeat of that melody in the begining gets me in a trippy state of mind that prepares me for the tide that is to come next. Track is very well balanced in terms of arrangement and I dig this one the most, after "Am I The Universe" track. Lots of higlight moments in this one, small portions of variation that change in subtle way and layers that work rhytmicly so well it lifts me from my chair and force me to dance! Proggy trippy GoaTrance i would say! :)


"Electronic LSD" is more on fullon side of things (at least if we´re gonna judge by bassline :P ) but so far i hear more GoaTrance in this album than Fullon - it´s more like it is FullOff while Goa-ish flow takes control of the things happening through tracks, at least so far. This track is once again nicely blended so you can´t certainly distinguish the two (something that Ofoira did in last album "Read More" which attracted me to this one also). Nicely measured mellos, effects which give you that classic Goa feel while kick and bass drive you in FullOn fashion way.


- "Darkness Be Light" is  point where I thought it will be weakest spot of this album. That intro melody was bit irritating for me (totally subjective here), and this is where it goes more towards FullOn but once again it keeps old fashion melody drive present but not in a way that kept me interested into track. 2:58 is where it gets my attention back on track, another well measured mello drive that holds you tight with background atmospheres swiping through and through. Towards the end it gets slightly more energy even though melodies go in second plan here, accent is more on overall feel of atmospheric drive but again it works well for me. This one is first  where I notice more progressive elements, mostly arrangement wise - something I always dig a lot, good example is Lectro Spektral Daze - he is master of progressive kinda arrangement if you ask me.


- Track 5, "Bubbles" pretty much the same like previous one got me impatient to almost skip first part of the song, but things start to pickup pretty quick. Around 2:17 it gets needed drive that corrects the initial dissapointment I felt with this track. Artist got to have me going up and down in waves on this part of album, which I usually find good, but here I say this one is definitely weakest point of album for me. This track gets some more mystical melodies later, but I have feeling it is dragging from beginning towards the end. It gains more energy on second part, but it lasted eternity to get there. :) While it is not a bad track, it is not my style so I won´t yell too much :) It definately has some interesting moments happening closer to the end (again that progressive arrangement).


"Plant World" picks my senses once again. Nice start, takes off with proper kick/bass drive and tribal percs. Melodic part starts simple and then goes into upwards swirl around 1:49. From there things tend to go faster then in previous two tracks and keeps your brain expecting what comes next. Short break and then things dissolve a bit, in a good way - it gives you mindbreak to enjoy small fragments of fx sounds combined with subtly chopped mellos before it brings you up in a trippy kind of acid line combined with airy leads. I find this interesting from my point of view as I usually do not listen to this style but more it evolved, this track reminded me of drive that Lectro Spektral Daze achieved for me on "Psytrance Powers My Space Engines", i felt hype while listening to it! Good work on this one.


- Last but not the least :) "Am I The Universe" is nicely picked closer. It tricks you like it´s gonna be classic slow closure of an psytrance album with beautiful like, chill/downtempo start of a track - and then it bangs you with kick/bassline and waving atmospheres until that simple acid line kicks around 1:39 - early enough to keep you craving for more. :) This one I feel like full progressive and I like it a lot. My kind of trance. I produced similar stuff back in the beginning of 2000s when I started with my first work in Reason (much more simpler tracks ofc.) but - same melody patternwork, and this is pure nostalgy and love for me! I love this track over all other on this album just because of this. Middle is a bit draggy, but more to the end it backs up with atmospheres and organic mellos + that contaguous simple yet powerful acid which will keep you in track till the end.



Overall I would give this one 7/10 on second listen.


I still have to listen it properly on my monitor system to hear the sound (I gave it 2 listens here @ my workplace on pretty crap but honest speakers :) ), and then I will update my "verdict" on this one. As I basically wrote review, I will post it into review section also.


Summary - very good album that in whole worked for me except "Bubbles" track which is not my cup of tea.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the album and to write this amazing review! It's great to know in detail what someone thinks of each track, each moment, what does it bring up in their personal experience :)
I really get everything you said about every track, seems that our background has a lot in common and that you get where I come from and where I'm going.
My tracks normally go where they want and I collected a lot of influences through the years, so I think my albums are very diverse, but with Goa trance has it's core and foundation. It's the music that touched and touches my heart and that oldschool spiritual vibe won't leave my bones.

7 years is a lot of time to compose an album, so the diversity is ever greater as I keep evolving and seeking diferent things through the years... I would be very surprised if everyone liked every single track.

I compose this music because I love it, I love to make people dance, elevate their spirit and have fun :)

Thank you again for listening and don't take me wrong if I steal "Proggy trippy GoaTrance" for a t-shirt :D



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No probs mate, I really enjoyed going through this album few times. This weekend we play in local party here in Zagreb and I will try to throw one of the tracks on the floor to see how is it going around! ;)

Yes, you can hear that oldschoolish vibe allthrough the album and that is good thing in my opinion. I fully appreciate diversity on this album, it is clear that you have similar approach like we always try to do in LD work, you try to distinguish tracks one from another and fit into a story, not to make same sounding album from beginning to the end which is often problem with lot of artists in general.

It´s probably why it took you so long to finish it - again good thing, it´s like with beer, wine you have to brew it, wait until it gets mature and then it reveals it´s full bliss.


Hahahaha, "Proggy trippy GoaTrance" yes - good one hahahha ;)


Btw, I might be wandering around Portugal for a week in March, so we might sit for a beer and change few words if you will be around! ;)



Take care!

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Hey! Thank you for playing one of the tracks, please let me know if it bombed the place :)


Sure, if you make it to Portugal and are thinking about visiting Porto (you should) please let me know and we'll meet for beer & chat!


Peace & Light

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This came quite out of nowhere :) especially as I haven't listened to Initiation in I don't know how many years.

Anyway, I'm not good at dissecting albums or putting music into words, but so far I can say that Electronic LSD and Am I The Universe? are the low points on the album, the rest have a nice groove. Especially Bubbles that's wonderfully bubbly and bouncy :)

Lately I've been listening less and less to "pure" goa trance (if I want something with a steady beat) as casual home listening, so this goes very well with my current mood.

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Electronic LSD and Am I The Universe? are the low points on the album, the rest have a nice groove. Especially Bubbles that's wonderfully bubbly and bouncy :)

It is always soooooo interesting to see how actually personal affection to one or another side of sound shifts one´s point of view. :) For me it was quite the opposite, with very same tracks! :D
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