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Ziptnf - Ancient Forest [progressive psytrance]


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In the deep and enchanted forests, the sounds and rhythms of the ancients echo endlessly through time...


I made this mix for my second half marathon this year, the Urban Bourbon Half. I've been wanting to do this race for the last 2 years and finally I've done it. PR'd by 5 minutes with a time of 1:57:59. All those hills through the parks of Louisville, KY were brutal and I started to fall apart with 3 miles to go, but I finished in under 2hrs which was my goal. I feel that I could have gone even faster but I will continue to try and improve next year :)


This mix is loaded with delicious progressive gems, chock full of melodies and atmospheres. I'm very happy with how this turned out. Enjoy the nice groovy and chunky pace, from 128-131 BPM.


Dual Phase - Hunger [speedsound]

Motion Drive - Hypnotic [iono]

Fluctuarion 2.0 - Eclipse Chasers [Parabola]

Aviron & Eniak - Download the Future [Cosmicleaf]

Protoactive & Dream Surface - Progressed [Freakuency]

Lemonchill - Premonition (Deimos Remix) [uxmal]

Cj RcM - Protoalta [Gert Sound]

Night Hex - Sleep Paralysis [suntrip]

E-Nok - Let It Go [solar]

Ovnimoon & Man Machine - One Heart [Fresh Frequencies]

Suduaya & By The Rain - Space Shifting [bMSS]

Ascent - Happiness [Ovnimoon]

Bakke - Birds (Alter Nature Remix) [spin Twist]

Suntree - Lonesome Dream [iono]

Liquid Sound - Carum Carvi [sadhu]

Simply Wave - Changing Direction [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]

Reverse - Predator [iono]

Electit - Allusion [Power House]

Mr. Suspect & Kingpink - 21 Gramms [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]

Pulsar & Thaihanu - Resurrection [GOA]


Soundcloud link:


Download link:

Ziptnf - Ancient Forest (1:55:09) 267MB ~320kbps


Image credit to ferdinandladera.


Enjoy! :D

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