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Frontier Psychiatrist

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9 hours ago, DoktorG said:

I don't know this compilation, thanks for the heads up. I do like Prana for the dramatic sensibility and the percussion. 

Children's recommendations were mostly spot-on, but I complained at the time that he didn't bold Miranda's Phenomenon - in retrospect, I would say that most Goa fans would rate that album as a classic. ~*~

Yeah I like that one a lot, her earlier tracks like Steps To The Stars, Second Steps To The Stars, Triplexus etc. All way cool, and the titular track Phenomena obviously. With its sample from the Species movie I think, about the S.E.T.I information disc with info about the human race sent out to outer space.

Also very fond of her compilation tracks such as Riding Alien, Electrobot, Sparkling State of Mind, and yeah Real Rush too when I heard first time on VA Psychedelic Demons back in the late 90s.

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On 10/28/2023 at 5:45 PM, DoktorG said:

 Does anybody remember Children's red bolded album recommendations in the early days? Those were not just red, they were gold to me at the time! Ever since seeing Tsuyoshi Suzuki at the new year's eve rave in Cape Town in 96 I had to have more of that wild alien music... 👽

Yeah, they are there: https://web.archive.org/web/20021130183004/http://psynews.org/

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On 11/16/2023 at 2:35 AM, mars said:

Thanks Mars. I see that Miranda's "Phenomenon" was highlighted at some point. 

These are all solid recommendations, though there are quite a few albums from the list that I personally would highlight in retrospect:

Asia 2001 (most of them)

Battle of the Future Buddhas "Twin Sharkfins"

California Sunshine "Nasha"

Cydonia "In Fear of a Red Planet"

Deviant Electronics "Brainwashing is Child's Play"

Dimension 5 "Transdimensional"

Doof "Let's Turn On" & "It's About Time"

Double Dragon "Continuum"

Electric Universe "One Love" & "Stardiver"

Elysium (all albums)

Fractal Glider "Parasite"


Gal Sebbag & Gal Calmi "In Trance"

Juno Reactor "Transmissions"

Medicine Drum

Orichalcum and the Deviant 

Ra "To Sirius"

Reefer Decree "Sound Frames"

Sandman "Witchcraft"

Shiva Chandra "Spicy Moments"

Sun Project "Drosophila"

Transwave "Phototropic"

UX "Ultimate Experience"

Xenomorph "Cassandra's Nightmare"

Of course, ymmv. 


I love it that back in those days there was not really much awareness or emphasis upon genre cubbyholes: there's old school Goa, techtrance, breaktrance, psydub, progressive trance, etc etc in this list.  ~*~




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