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Bassline Baby - Computer Controller EP


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its fucking epic


get it


drums , bass , acid , some extra weird sounds.. some nice acid trance in the middle... deja vu brilliant finish song







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Hold up.


I agree with the overall sentiment here and probably couldn't wordsmith it any better, but perhaps a little more...detail.  This is Samuel Malm with his only proper album release other than a few eps.  Several confusing things about this release for me.  Don't know why it's called a mini album with 8 tracks and almost an hour's length, but I also don't know how people buy Donald Trump's obvious and insipid bullsh*t.  Also don't know why there's a bunch of candy on the cover, but again...that's neither here nor there.  There isn't a lot of nuance here as he provides just a few weapons in his arsenal.  He does however use them to maximum effect with raging 303s whether you dub it goa trance or acid trance it's pretty damn aggressive.  Bubbly and electric. 


He kicks in your door with the powerful Altered States perfect for going full steam ahead without all that depth and layers getting in the f*cking way.  Kick, hi-hat, bassline, some scant pads, and 303.  That's pretty much it.  You're not going to get lost in it, but it works great on the highway when you're late as hell for whatever. 


One bit I will disagree with the OP...Deja Vu was the worst track on the album for me.  Didn't go anywhere.  That aside, this is a definite get if you can score a copy.

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