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Toxic - Mind Poisoning Music


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Artist: Toxic

Title: Mind Poisoning Music

Label: Sonic Motion Records

Date: March, 2011


1. Back I Am

2. Dissorder (Remix)

3. Overdose

4. New Order

5. Go Head

6. Check It Out

7. El Diablo

8. Distortion

9. The Godfather

10. Total Control feat. Abomination

11. Destination Unknown





You realize to be poisoned is a bad thing right? Therefore you've just, you know, insulted your own album. Any of this sinking in?


Look I've never been the biggest fan of this project, but for some reason this found it's way to my hard drive. Since I don't download illegal things I have to assume it was merely part of some malware from some Russian porn that I also most certainly didn't download. And it is mal. Muy mal. Loud. Harsh. Build-upy. Stop and starty. Overly guitar friendly. F*cking hell this should come with an aspirin bottle. I'm thinking this is one final projectile vomiting fit, the last gasp from this project. And if it isn't...well it should be. But you never know. Take some time off, climb mountains, help the poor, and then perhaps come back and reinvent yourself.


I'd link to it, but...you don't want that kind of midget monkey porn.

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