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Found 4 results

  1. Artist: Toxic Title: Mind Poisoning Music Label: Sonic Motion Records Date: March, 2011 1. Back I Am 2. Dissorder (Remix) 3. Overdose 4. New Order 5. Go Head 6. Check It Out 7. El Diablo 8. Distortion 9. The Godfather 10. Total Control feat. Abomination 11. Destination Unknown You realize to be poisoned is a bad thing right? Therefore you've just, you know, insulted your own album. Any of this sinking in? Look I've never been the biggest fan of this project, but for some reason this found it's way to my hard drive. Since I don't download illegal things I have to assume it was merely part of some malware from some Russian porn that I also most certainly didn't download. And it is mal. Muy mal. Loud. Harsh. Build-upy. Stop and starty. Overly guitar friendly. F*cking hell this should come with an aspirin bottle. I'm thinking this is one final projectile vomiting fit, the last gasp from this project. And if it isn't...well it should be. But you never know. Take some time off, climb mountains, help the poor, and then perhaps come back and reinvent yourself. I'd link to it, but...you don't want that kind of midget monkey porn.
  2. Artist: Outer Signal Title: Bit It EP Label: Sonic Motion Records Date: June, 2013 1. Bit It 2. Doubts 3. Resolution feat. Atyss *sigh* How to describe this, how to describe this... It's my own fault, the music was described to the T in the promo. Yet another previously competent and promising twilight artist deciding that the commercial route was the way to go. Who can argue with him, we all got bills. But this is full of corny buidups and way too many guitars that do not rock or roll. If you told me this was the new EU album I would've believed you. Double artist slam! Oh yeah! I can still hear his ability in the music, so they haven't crushed all the creative life out of him yet. However that creativity is suffocating under an avalanche of tired full on and cheese. This bites. His words not mine. Beatport Mdk
  3. Artist: Various Title: Sonic Alchemy Chapter II Label: Sonic Motion Records Date: October, 2012 1. Technology - Outer Signal 2. Impulses Reimagined - Deeper In Zen 3. Eureka - Yurika Sonic Motion Records is back at it again with the 2nd chapter of...ah, you can read. The name sounded familiar so I went back and "re-discovered" that I had actually reviewed the 1st chapter here. And after reading what I had written I'm still uncertain whether I liked it or not. Well I must not have liked it enough to keep it cause I no longer have it. Compiled by Atyss again (whose latest release Luxe In Nocte also befuddled me) he offers 3 tracks in the same night full-on style. Outer Signal makes a track that reminds me of California Sunshine with guitar in a prominent role, but I listened to it anyway. I came away with a definite feeling. Hardware that is effective and delicious? Yes please. Impulses Reimagined- I've always liked Mr. Brian's music, but his persistent thumping and warbling on this track left me indifferent. Nothing really to discover, just temple pounding. Eureka- Hey look, the track name sounds like the artist, but it's spelled differently. That's called a heterograph. Like their and they're. You and ewe. How many can you name? I'm serious because that holds my interest better than this track. Sonic Motion I'm disappointed. This was fairly benign without any of your usual characteristic bombast. Maybe you should stop with the EP's and just focus on compilation work. I don't know the answer, oh wait yes I do. Get better tracks. Beatport Mdk
  4. Artist: Various Title: Sonic Alchemy EP Label: Sonic Motion Records Date: January, 2012 1. Existenz - Phatmatix & Atyss 2. Isolator - Atyss 3. Scorpio Department (Toxic Remix) - Atyss & Triskell Expectations. We all haz them. I expect that these two fine eligible gentlemen will go home to a twin bed with salsa stained sheets from last night's Arrested Development marathon and lay down amidst their iPhones and iPads and proceed to knock out a few knuckle children to the pimply faced greeter at the Gap that almost talked to them until mom stumbles in screaming dinner was ready over an hour ago. I expect a professional tennis player to know that beating your girlfriend on the court you're currently about to play on might not be the best way to go. II expect this was how it went down when Barbie caught Ken tossing He-Man's salad. Expectations. After the f*cking awesome Hypnotwist and Motion Sensor compilations I expected an absolute cracker from Atyss, an up and coming twilight psytrance producer. It didn't happen, but everyone deserves a mulligan just ask any golfer you know. So now Sonic Motion Records is out with a quick hitting 3-track EP with Atyss, Triskell, and my main man Phatmatix. I would've bought this for his appearance alone after his two superb albums. So to say my expectations were high...well, that might be an understatement. Existenz- "We've not always been as brothers. But let us put aside such matters." What.The f*ck.Was that? Let me get back to you on this... Isolator- "At the 70 hour mark an insomniac will experience micronaps." I just...I'm...still on the last track. This is Atyss all by his lonesome and he has a metallic lead firing over eerie pads and a synth riff moving at high speed. Not bad I suppose. What makes it bad was the Nutek style buildup. I hear that and I wanna start smacking people. Pretty intense for sure. My favorite part was the last bit that had the synth running and a twinkling melody floating above. Scorpio Department (Toxic Remix)- Toxic has always been a mixed bag for me. Some of his tracks were really excellent but a lot have been commercial pablum. This one is a remix off State of Resonance from Atyss and has a very appealing bass line; short and punchy just like me after I drink too much. It has a couple of buildups but they are very brief so no harm no foul. The groove and the power is there so I'm on board. It's a pretty good one. Back to the first track. I wanted to hate this thing. I wanted to. So ready to shred it. But after hitting repeat many times over something bizarre happened. I really began to like it. Full of super big beats and funky breaks with a bass line that wraps around you like a python would. It's still a twilight track and yes it does have some annoying sample cheese. But that bit after 5 minutes is massively funky and ready for dancing. Pumping. So I would urge those interested to give it a listen. Maybe it will grow on you also. Beatport Mdk
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