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Argaman ‎– Living In A Bubble (FairyTales Records)

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  1. 1. How would you rate this release?

    • 5/5 - a future classic, a must have for everybody
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thanosp81    307




Night Side
1-1 The Torch 4:58
1-2 Good Old Times 4:13
1-3 Living In A Bubble 4:54
1-4 Sweet, Old, Purple Dreams
1-5 The Jewish Robot 6:12
1-6 Take Me To The Tunnel 4:39
1-7 Out-O-Tune Squars 4:35
1-8 Never Ending 5:21
1-9 The End Of The World 5:04
1-10 When The Sun Came Out 3:21
1-11 The Silence 2.0 15:22
Day Side
2-1 Leaving The Forest 4:05
2-2 Turn On The Music Box 5:54
2-3 Raise The Sail Old Man 7:32
2-4 Life In The Pocket 7:32
2-5 Honey I'm Home 7:20
2-6 Walk On Your Way 4:50
2-7 Flowers In The Desert 7:44
2-8 Circus Of The Unknown 6:57
2-9 Dream Come Through 7:19
2-10 Pink Love Is All Around 7:03
2-11 Awake To The New
Not a Review
OMG, I got this double album as a freebie from another order (thanx Roy) and I am blown away. I won't try to describe the music, just have a look at the cover. Whatever emotions this wakes up to you, the same effect will have the music as well. Dark, happy, glitch, surreal, it's like being part of fairytale. 10/10 Discogs comment
That was my initial reaction when I listened to the album. Not a lot artists can evoke those emotions to me any more. The more music you listen to, the harder it is to be blown away.

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antic604    499

Wow, never heard of it but sounds really interesting - slow, very relaxing, dubby at times / electronic at other, with real instrument improvisations here & there, some singing even, etc. Check here:



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