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Nervasystem - Early Daze

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Artist: Nervasystem

Title: Early Daze

Label: Self Released

Date: March, 2013


1. Matter Transfer

2. Zones

3. Terraform

4. Liquid Lifeform

5. Initiation

6. Kinetic Space Dilation

7. Venusian Illusion

8. Decoder

9. Stardust


"Seen from out here...everything seems different."





There he is! I found fat Waldo!


Unless you've been held captive in a Yemeni prison for the last few years you heard and hopefully purchased Mark Dressler's return to the scene Time Travel. Awesome album that is so highly recommended that it was with renewed interest I decided to check out his Early Daze. It's a digital only release comprised of tracks he released back in the day on labels like Matsui, Psychic Deli, and Phantasm before that label descended into a meteoric pile of sh*t.


Now if you were to peek at my early days I'm sure it is filled with moments that are not ready for prime time. Yeah I had a bowl cut. And I had feathered hair as a teenager. Gimme a break it was the 80's. Some f*cked up sh*t went on back then. Anyway all the tracks here were released on compilations or his own EP's so slow your roll we didn't discover any hidden gold. Well, I'd never heard Kinetic Space Dilation before and I don't believe that one was released anywhere. I haven't heard his latest stuff (3 or 4) so I cannot compare this album to those. But I have heard and loved Time Travel.


And this isn't that far off from Time Travel. I think this release is for Mark's fans (I am one) and those who want to support the artist. As I mentioned almost all have been released on his ep's and comps which I'm certain you freaks already have. The sound is unmistakably goa with screeching leads and bubbly sounds (Terraform, Liquid Lifeform) attaining high levels of psychedelia. Initiation rages with whiplashes of fire and Decoder has that post golden era goa sound laced with psychedelic sounds. If there are any weak moments perhaps you could include the overly long and steady Zones, but most of the tracks bring psychedelic goa right up front.


Nice one.


Nervasystem Bandcamp

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