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E-Mantra - Silence

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Artist: E-Mantra

Title: Silence

Label: Altar Records

Date: June, 2012



1. Silence

2. Since You Were Gone (Feat. Athena Etana)

3. Ecouri

4. Departed 2012

5. Night Walker

6. Shadow Skies (feat. Reasonandu)

7. Prelude

8. Le Ciel Est Triste

9. Echoes Of An Empty Room (Hotep Remix)

10. Touching

11. Passing Through



No review on arguably one of the greatest icons of our small corner of music? Well relax I got this. Your boy has done it again. Romanian sound shaman and mysterious Facebook presence Emmanuel Carpus further cements his legacy with his 2nd downtempo release on Altar Records. The melodies are smooth and heaven sent, arriving in his signature style. What sticks out to me is his use of percussion which is sharp as a tack. Varied and deliciously effective. This album is loaded with smooth grooves that will induce involuntary head bouncing. The sounds themselves are beautiful while the layers tumble in continuous waves. The bass also has a constant presence preserving that relaxing, dub feel.


If the psytrance, goa, or downtempo community printed money this guy's face should be on it. Highly recommended and an absolute must for your collection.


Altar Bandcamp





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Spirit    1

Very nice album. I really enjoyed listening to this one.

Especially the beginning of the album is very good with Ecouri and Nightwalker as the highlights.

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