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Blue planet corporation - Unreleased Old Sounds Series - 1 - Compilation

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KoolKane 15:35


Blue Venus 08:09


Horizon MS6 07:09


Rumours From Outer Space 08:10


Soft Hypnotic Late bass (free) 09:06


90's Voices Whispers 06:35


Cannibal (free) 03:44


Blackout 10:09


Fresh 06:18


This self-released compilation consists in (according to the Bandcamp page) "mostly music recorded on 4 track tape recorder (Yamaha MT100II) in 1990/1991/1992/1993 transfered in digital format".

BPC started composing electronic music at the end of the eighties when techno and acid house became popular, "Overbloody" flood being the first track released in 1993.


So here, obviously we got nothing yet of the quality of tracks like "Alidade", "Crystal" or "Cyclothymic".

It is a mixed bag of classic trance of the early nineties, acidish techno, and some downtempo trancy music. Nothing properly goa or psychedelic trance. This is not easy to review this as some tracks really sound old and even amateurish.

Tracks 5, 6, 7 and 8 consist in old rave music elements, fast techno and 303 lines. "90's Voices Whispers" sounds cheap and terribly amateur. Lovers of old acid techno should find track 8 "blackout" quite interesting when put into its context.

I reckon this album is worth for "KoolKane". It is a very clean 15 minutes trance track, with a nice bassline and a nostalgic feel. Reminds me the old german sound of artists such as Cosmic baby or Taucher.

"Blue venus" revolves around an hypnotic and repetitive melody supported by some light drums. Nice.

Track 3 is also quite repetitive but pretty convincing downtempo, switching emotions from happiness to sadness. Melancholic and interesting for sure.

Track 4 is slow trance but I find the melodies quite dull to be honest. So yes IMO definitely a mixed bag with works the artist wanted to release for his most loyal fans even though they were really subpar, and 3 tracks I really enjoy ("KoolKane, "Blue venus", "Horizon MS6").


Digital album available here http://blueplanetcorporation.bandcamp.com/album/unreleased-old-sounds-series-1-compilation

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