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Certain sites are unreachable

Blair Thaumic

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I can't access SoundCloud or any images from Photobucket, even though both sites are up for everyone else. I've tried clearing my cache, clearing my cookies, resetting my DNS, restarting my computer... nothing works. This has been my situation since last evening. Can anyone suggest a course of action, or do I just need to wait and hope these sites come back for me?

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I've had this issue a few times, was a long time ago though so I can't remember how it got fixed other than it did at some point on it's own. Actually same sort of thing happened just a month ago where I couldn't log into a game, it just gave me error messages while it worked for others. It just wouldn't work the whole day, but the day next it did.


If rebooting your modem doesn't work, I'd just suggest to hold on for a bit to see if it clears up on it's own. Edit: if that doesn't work then you prolly need to go to something like sevenforums to get help.

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