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"V/A - Bounce"

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Trance2MoveU    354



Artist: Various

Title: Bounce

Label: Materia Records

Date: November, 2008


1. Voyager (Aka Altom) - Dangerous

2. Mad Maxx Vs. Mad Hatter Vs. Audio-X Vs. Cosmonet - Deep Down

3. Audio Hijack - Subconscious

4. Kali - Deep Space

5. Vibraddict - Don't Stop

6. Ignition - Horse Race

7. Bio Genesis - Close Encounters

8. Speedball Vs. Psykid - Out of Control

9. Brainbokka feat. Varun - Blazer

10. Delysid Vs. Brain Hunters - Sensations

11. Audialize - East X-Press




Can I make it any clearer?


This is the perfect gif to summarize the full-on sh*tfest onslaught that was the psytrance scene in the mid to late 2000's. Every full-on release was a carbon copy of a carbon copy. Imagine swimming in a sewer underneath a Taco Bell where all you encounter is one rented taco after another. There is absolutely nothing special about this release. No standout moments, no twists and turns. Just 75 minutes of throwing up in a toilet. After awhile you're just numb and don't feel anything. Congratulations Materia you've just written the soundtrack to apathy.



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Punit    1

Deep Down & Horse Race are the only 2 tracks I kept from this album. Deleted the rest.

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