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"V/A - Mind Your Own Isness"


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Artist: Various

Title: Mind Your Own Isness

Label: Phantasm Records

Date: June, 2006


1. Alien Project - Mover Over

2. Eskimo Vs. John Phantasm - They're In Trouble Now

3. Sirius Isness - Sanctified (Cycle Sphere Remix)

4. Absolum - Surprises Upset People

5. Sirius Isness Vs. Earthling - Call of the Wind

6. Bliss Vs. Painkiller - Out of Phaze

7. CPU - U-spin

8. XSI - Alchemik Machine

9. Sirius Isness - Breaking The Matrix (Talamasca Remix)



I had a whole review written for this, but I lost my phone so I'll give you the jist of it.








Yep...that about says it. Look nobody is more horrified at the fact that I resorted to a Marky Mark gif more than I, but if it walks like a duck...


As a label how can you put your name to this blatant full-on cash grab? It's disgustingly boring full-on nonsense. Stops, starts, tired samples that were f*cking sleepy a decade ago. I don't think the saddest parts are the tracks themselves although there's sufficient material there to cry yourself to sleep. Nope I believe it's the wasted potential exhibited by these artists. All of them have done better than this and at this point it seems they're just out for rent money. The lone bright spot would have to be Absolum's Surprises Upset People with it's raw power and the grooveability of Earthling's track.


Man I wish I would've minded my own isness.



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