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E-Clip - Into the Void

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Trance2MoveU    357



Artist: E-Clip

Title: Into The Void

Label: Iono Music

Date: June, 2014


1. E-Clip Vs. Zen Mechanics - Flashback

2. Human Instincts

3. Endless Symphony

4. E-Clip Vs. Future Frequency - Little Universe

5. E-Clip Vs. Zyce - Flying Objects

6. Cosmic Religon

7. Salvia Divinorum (Waio 30x Remix)

8. E-Clip Vs. Symbolic - Live Your Life

9. E-Clip Vs. Egorythmia - Star Stuff



Me when I listened to his first album Shuma:







And now me when I'm digging into his latest album.






Yep. Needs more dick in a box.



Look it's hard to catch lightning in a bottle. His debut was so epic and detailed that truthfully there was only one way to go. To this day it is still one of the greatest progressive trance albums as far as I'm concerned. And please don't take my lack of euphoria to mean this isn't worth your time because on its face this is a good album in the "psygressive" vein. There are some tracks here that will take you into that void and you will lose yourself. Problem is it has been done before and done better by he himself. The song structure feels too linear without all the dynamics of Shuma. Think of it this way...when you first tried weed you pondered the universe and came up with brilliant solutions to problems that the world inexcusably seemed to ignore. Eventually though you get tired of climbing out of mom's basement at 2:30 after a vigorous Call of Duty session and realize that your blow-up girlfriend can't take the punishment any longer and rather than leave you she just decided to self-deflate.






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recursion loop    442

 I failed to find anything to grab my attention in this one.

Two years later and I can say that Flying Objects and especially Little Universe (what a track, really!) are among my favourite E-Clip works. I've heard them on some compilations and immediately loved. Then I was quite surprized to learn that both these tracks are from "Into The Void" and I must have heard them before.  I guess, they are just "dissolved" in the very homogenous flow of the album.

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Trance2MoveU    357

It's funny how that happens.  For years I have slammed Mugen by Prana, but now I don't find it repulsive!

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