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franki    34

There's so much music out there now that I enjoy, I only buy stuff that's released on CD.

I struggle to keep up with that - I can't imagine how bad it would get if I started to buy downloads too.

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Multi-Media    9

that's due to music equipment being available to everyone today. anybody can download a synth a put out any shit. back in days there was more value because musical equip would cost not anyone would be spending cash to put out some shit , you really had to be passionate about it . same applies today and that explains where the best music comes from.

I know I am one of the "older" people who still bought "real" instruments and gear in the 2000s. Guess all together it might have been up to 4000,- of todays Euros...

I even bought original sequencer software lol. It was Logic 4.xx :)


Amazingly all that stuff still works fine, except one effect unit (SE50) which lost all memory (probably battery empty or damaged)...


I am just listening right now over my "old" first cheap analogue mixing desk :P

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