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Yes yes and yes! The Buddhas are back with "Everything".

Don't you just love them for their simplicity? :P


Here's the post by David on facebook.



The new album "Everything" is finalized and sent for mastering to Christer from Ka-Sol. So we're awaiting mastering and artwork and then the pressing. It will probably take about 2 months from now. You will get to hear samples before that. It will be released in glorious 6 page format on Chronicle of Mystery Records!


1: It's Only Disko

2: I Don't Know

3: Lacking it All (The Valley of the Shadow of Death remix)

4: Time

5: True Hope

6: The Cupboard

7: Consciousness

8: Faith

9: The Infinite Process

It will probably not surprise you that there is a journey from darkness to light on the album, so the first tracks are proper night music, going through more melodic dawn music, to energetic morning music and some more relaxed stuff in the end.

I am very pleased with the result!

There's more however. There will also be a remix album released digitally later on, with remixes from Everything and Urban Legends. And, there's even more music in the pipeline. "

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