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Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing (2nd Remix)


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yeah, having this mix in full version (im betting its like 15min long) in cd quality would probably be my biggest dream come true when it comes to music because it's my favourite track of all tracks (tied with tangerine dream - love on a real train album version from Risky Business soundtrack, which will definitely play at my funeral) and I shall have it played at my funeral. the original that is.

but maybe a tweaked version because it's really the piano after the silence, and then the sad melodies after that, that people would maybe accept.

the intro and the extreme melody might make ppl uncomfortable..


anyway, yea, Starkraver, thanks, I'm definitely not stopping making that track.

atm I'm having major problems finding the right notes to the aforementioned beautiful and sad melodies of the original version.

seems very simple but it is for some reason hard as fuk.

I don't even know if the tunes are in a normal octave.

they could very well be off key in either direction purposefully. but I'll nail it.

if not, I'll have to ask padmapani for help cause that man can find notes for everything.

guess my ear isn't as tuned as i would want.


after that I'm gonna bring in the piano loop, which is already laid out in notes. those da da, da DA, da da da da da da.

haha. well those notes i found almost instantly... anyway its gonna be a long arse track when done!


and me and padmapani are working on a collab as well so I have to make time for that too. we aim to either release it freely or via neogoa or time warp or something, so high ambition there, at least on my part. since we only have had one turn each, and it allready sounds amazing, yeah i have big plans for it..



and now the contest!


phew I'm gonna have a lot to do, which is exactly what I need. and where there are clear goals when producing, it's a lot more fun and you're more open for inspiration. for example it can go years without me producing anything due to a feeling of lack of meaning or goal.

depression and all that.


anyway now I have three projects and I'm looking forward to all of them.

thanks for the support Starkraver, you and rotwang seems to be my biggest (only?) fans :D


peace man

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