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Tickets - Dreaming of Places


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Artist: Tickets

Title: Dreaming of Places

Label: Timecode Records

Date: December, 2008


1. Intro

2. Dark Fears

3. City In Japan

4. Harpsicheek

5. Finish What You Started

6. Aurora Borealis

7. The Quest Rmx

8. Circumstances

9. Massive Attack - Heat Miser (Tickets Remix)

10. Sympathise and Mesmerize








Bringing back a classic!


I mean...well, I didn't, uh...I didn't think it was a classic when it came out. But, like celebrities doing community service you pick up a few things. After his album Timelapse I was expecting more of the same and was a little disappointed he didn't deliver. No, you know what, disappointed wasn't the right word.


I wasn't ready.


This is a different direction yet he still hangs on to the signature Timecode rawness and brutality. The thump and acid are still there, but it's a deeper work. No longer is it just four on the floor power. It's rooted in cinematic grandeur not unlike Talpa's The Art of Being Non. Layers invite dark minor key exploration with a focus on atmosphere. Creativity abounds and it also brings that danceable Timecode swagger. It's like when the Beasties Paul's Boutique came out. I didn't get it, and thought those guys were done.


I wasn't ready. And they f*cking kept on till that one guy died.


But just feast on that Circumstances climax. Quality work that I can now appreciate. Looking forward to his next album. Now...can someone tell me what the f*ck Harpsicheek is?




Timecode Bandcamp

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