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"V/A - Trance Mix 5"


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Artist: Various

Title: Trance Mix 5

Label: BMI Records

Date: 1995


1. Hallucinogen - LSD

2. Akasha - Ace of Wands

3. Moog - Euromotors

4. Baas Complex - Sample Your Mind

5. Moondust - Are We Alone

6. Slinky Wizard - Wizard

7. Union Jack - Cactus

8. Binary Xperience - Penguin

9. Digital Island - Cosmic Ocean



Is this what I think it is? No...it can't be...


Retro video game Centipede emanating from a floating pedestal sink amidst the barren Arizona desert?



That's right.



Trance Mix 5



*cacophonous crescendo!!!!!*




What else could it be?


Now the first thing you're probably going to notice is the opening track. Never heard it myself, but people say it has potential so I'll give it a listen. Most likely won't amount to much. After that things are not what they appear. Baas Complex is merely the mind behind Color Box with a sinister if not repetitive track. Just FYI though...I try not to mix my swirling goa with samples of deficit reduction and job creation. Kills the mood.


Moondust is just those crazy Germans from X-dream. Plus one Cosmix. And Digital Island? Oh, Boris...I'd know you anywhere. Nice thumping beat and Om Shivaya chants. So after the dust has settled what you have is LSD and some of the greatest names in goa trance releasing one off tracks under different project names. It can sound a little dated, but after all it is early goa trance. They're not half bad (nor would I expect them to be) and it's probably why this compilation is so valuable.


Well that and the super cool cover.




Is that an Ivan Richpa original early work?



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I'd vote for the cover as one of the best of all times... and indeed it might be Richpa's ;)!

Thanks for reviewing an old fart like this.. ahah, extremely overpriced but good to have, to show off mostly.

A few tracks might be exclusive here, but other than that, it's a normal compilation, probably the rarest of the whole Trance Mix series but certainly not the best.

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