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Peyo - Green EP


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Artist: Peyo

Title: Green EP

Label: Blue Hour Sounds

Date: February, 2011


1. Feet Response

2. The Cleaner



Blue Hour Sounds has been releasing a bunch of EP's based on the color spectrum. Obviously this is the green one and since I have reviewed almost all of the other ones there is no reason to make an enemy of Peyo and ignore him. I have no idea who he is or what his mental state is. What if I didn't review it and he felt slighted? What if he doesn't like my review and gets mad. Look I don't need that kind of pressure.


Feet Response- Well, well, well...what do we have here? This is dark and...foresty. Lots of twinkling effects and bubbling. Kinda like if you, and I'm not saying you, but the collective you, were stirring a witches caldron. Echoing synths ripple over the deep bass line. If there was a soundtrack to walking in a Swedish forest this would do nicely.


The Cleaner- The title sounds so dark. But when you think about it, Florence from the Jeffersons was a cleaner. Sure, not a very good one, but the point is she was supposed to clean. But this has nothing to do with being a household technician (if you didn't see that episode that joke is wasted). There are lots of bass sweeps and digital quirkery afoot. It also has this bizarre sounding plucked instrument which I don't really care for.


Well, that was disappointing. I liked the first track and thought we would be on the road to creepy forest town, but we just detoured into weird and annoying ville. There weren't many melodies to speak of, but at least Feet Response had some cool atmosphere. The best thing about this EP was the very pretty green. Although I liked the first track it won't make my top 10. Still, two tracks is hardly enough to see what this artist has in him, so I shall reserve judgement until I hear more. This EP though, not for me.





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Artist: Peyo

Album: Green EP

Label: Blue Hour Sounds

Released: February 2011


Sometimes great things come from bad experiences.


While testing the limits of diversity and to see if anything rewarding may be available in the dark psy realm, I toed the waters with a one-hour mix from a well-regarded female DJ. Unfortunately, the most that came out of the experience was a lot of oppressive, pitch-dark, uncomfortable vibes. That is until Peyo's "The Cleaner" came out of the inky-black mix and grabbed me by the shirt collar, seeming to say, "I'm Peyo, who the fuck are you?"


The "Green" EP is a stellar two-track offering from the Italian producer and while there does not seem to be enough here in terms of quantity, looking back at this gent's discography, one additional EP and various compilation appearances are the most this producer has offered thus far. In short, Peyo is a guy of quality rather than quantity.


"The Cleaner" is a high-powered twilight romp, snarling and stomping through seven minutes of delicious full-on mayhem. The highlight of the track, besides the rollicking energy, is a warped sitar that crops up throughout. In terms of craftsmanship, this thing is air-tight, a solid structure of delectable effects, stomping bass and energy builds that keep paying off at all the proper moments.


The better of the two tracks, though that should not suggest that either lacks anything, would be "Feet Response," a deliriously relentless full-on beast that shakes and shimmers, moves and grooves and never loses even a fraction of the frantic kinetic energy that it starts off with. This is prime-time, floor-filling, energy-draining greatness in one fantastic track.


I would gladly suffer through any sort of mix to get at a gem like this but unfortunately, most times, bad mixes are full of bad tracks. Thankfully, this time, at least there was one shiny diamond in all that roughness. Sometimes, just sometimes, great things come from bad experiences.


Listen to "The Cleaner": https://soundcloud.com/p-e-y-o/peyo-the-cleaner


Listen to "Feet Response": https://soundcloud.com/p-e-y-o/peyo-feet-response

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