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Lost Theory 2015 - Croatia

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Main Stage

Abyss Ooze - Atriohm vs Encephalopaticys - Already Maged - Anoebis - Ankur - Cosmo - Cosmic Dimension - Crossing Mind - Derango - Etnica - Farebi Jalebi - Fractal Gauchos - Frantic Noise - Flooting Grooves - Gaspard - Gojja - Hashbury - Highko - Hutti Heitta - Hypogeo - Imba - Justin Chaos - Kashyyyk - Kindzadza - Kraft - Logic Bomb - Loud - Lugus - Master Margherita - Megalopsy - Merkaba - Naty Seres - Pandora's Box - Petran - Prana - Procs - Quantum Mechanica - Ryanosaurus - Sensient - Shakta - Sonic Species - Stevo - Sunshine - Terrafractyl - Tetrameth - Texas Faggott - The Infinity Project - Val Vashar - Vibrasphere by Robert - Whrikk - X-Dream by Marcus - Yab Yum

Secret Chamber

Avi Lovey - Bayawaka - Billain - Broken Note - Bufo Retro set - D-Wauw - Darkol Trinity - Electrocado - Evil Oil Man - Fabio Leal - Fako - Florian MSK - Grub - Guy Zappa - Hypnagog - Jekyll - Kalya Scintilla - Kasadelica - Kromagon - Kryptamine - Lehman - Mad Zach - Mantismash - Mara - Master Margherita - Master Minded - Messy Mass - Muggi Dane - Mumukshu - Na-Ti - Nangijala - Okapi - Onionbrain - Otkun - Prisma - R.O - Random Gang Sign - Sensient Techno SET - Tijah - Tribone - Whitebear - Kabi vs Tersius

Ambient Garden

Akasha - Anoebis - Bayawaka - Bwoy De Bhajan - Avi Lovey - Flooting grooves - Guy zappa - Johnny blue - Khalil - Master margarita - Marco Mental - Meribel - Merkbar - Mumukshu - Pila - Pipal - Prisma - Quanta - Raviv - Skogsdrom - Stellar Ink Pony - Tengri - Val vashar - Whitebear - Witch Princess

Dub Forest

Powered by Digitron Sound System, first Croatian dub sound system.

Raised and based in Zagreb, by members of ex Radikal Dub kolektiv and Bamwise (both live dub bands), made to promote sound system culture in country where there was no such heritage. Many years of active work and many festivals, squat nights, club nights nationally and internationally have brought Digitron to be recognized and wanted act.

Evolver Laboratory

Our mission? To bring wisdom & light into the brotherhood of psy. To achieve this, we created a laboratory where mad scientists will cook magic mental crystals you can try at the festival: documentaries, movies, lectures, discussions and eye-candy visuals.

Villa Flora

When a bunch of strangers first met during the building of the Earth Ship Prague — they had no idea they’d end up living together as part of the inspiring Vila Flora Community project. Many of us dream of freedom from outside the matrix — these guys demonstrate how ideas, dreams and visions can become a reality as they join us at Lost Theory with a series of diverse workshops in education, creativity, health and best of all community living.

Temple of Consciousness

Come to the Temple and float away into the light and energy of our divine universe with your tiny yoga fueled space ship. Take a magical mystery tour down the spiritual highways of eternal light. On this cosmic journey of yoga & meditation, you are joined by fellow mental travellers in the “Temple Of Consciousness”. Get in. Get Lost.

If you have never done yoga or even if you’re a full blown yoga-guru, this temple is open to everyone: from beginner to expert. And at the end we’re all open for talks, exchanging best practices and our cosmic experiences in the realm of yoga and meditation.

Growing Village

Hidden but not lost, surrounded by shady trees and next to the river, the Growing Village flows. Children play together and enjoy the fruits of the creative activities they and their fellows do with the Lost Theory nannies & entertainers.

Growing village is placed in the middle of the festival and yet far enough away from the loud madness. Your children will play, learn, explore and join various workshops about art, science, maths, nature or join in with the morning yoga sessions.



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So, is Anoebis gonna do another 10h-long ambient set like he did last year? :P

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