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Psysex - Mind Penetration


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Just a quick sentence to this music. Such a nice varied psychedelic trance album i haven't heard for some time. Give it a shot, its classic, its different, its fun, its growing, journeyesque and trippy. I will write a more detailed review the next days, in the meantime have fun. Cheers *press repeat*

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Artist: Psysex

Release: Mind Penetration

Year: 2014

Label: Hadra Records

Cat-#: HADCD42

Rating: 3.5/5.0



1) Mind Penetration (Intro)

2) Kuobo Lover

3) Igor Resources

4) Awake

5) Old School Renegade

6) Cosmic Perspective

7) Automatic Bom Barrier

8) Free Fluoro

9) Visible Light (Invisible Bud Mix)


The first few tracks are really slow and hard to relate to, the album gets going way too late. I really do not understand what the purpose was for this move. On the other hand, once it gets going at track 5 it's going alright. It flows and grooves, they seem to start enjoying the production resulting in the sound getting vibrant and full of life. Unfortunately it is a bit too late to bring this album back into the limelight.

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