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"V/A - Abra Macabre"


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Artist: Various
Title: Abra Macabre

Label: Trick Music
Date: June, 2009

1. Ozrels Machine - Torque is Cheap
2. Scorb - Stratagem
3. Prism - Six Paper Joints
4. Squid Inc. - Fin
5. Phibian - Lo-Phi
6. Prism Vs. Phibian - The Probe
7. The Hoax - Fabrication
8. RAM - Illumination
9. Ozrels Machine - Destrukt (Scorb Rmx)





Potty training sucks. It really does. I don't remember having this much trouble and stress with the first child. God knows it sucks that's why he blesses you with the power of short memory. We are right there, right at the precipice of not having to deal with diapers. It's so close I can almost taste it. Really I can feel it.


And I did. Kid was playing with the Kindle on my bed, leaning on my legs whilst I attempted to grab a few winks. After multiple denials of having to use the potty, I force her to go. That's when I felt it. Through her pants, on my pants, all over the comforter to the sheet and even on the cooling layer. If you're a parent then you've probably been there. I swear nothing is safe when you have kids. I mean do you have any idea how long it takes to dry a comforter and sheets? As I'm standing there berating this poor 3 year old and comparing her to a dog that pees wherever the f*ck it wants to I realize I've gone to far. It's very stressful and I'm learning that there isn't a lot of reasoning with a 3 year old. Ahhh....this too shall pass.


So anyway this is basically Scorb and all the people he invited to the studio to muck around. And I'm telling you he should stick with this formula. It's stomping good twilight psytrance with a groovy sway. Evolving melodies and well timed breaks make this fun to listen to. Hell I'll put it out there...this is the best thing I've heard from Mr. Connor. Artists like Concept, Deviant Species and Neural Rectifier Syndrome bring scratchy sounds and acid splatters creating a futuristic mix. It's got a dark flow that remains consistent through the entire album. Stratagem is one of my favorites as it is rumbler that grows in intensity, slowly building with some wicked power. I highly recommend it and even though it was made 6 years ago it holds up well.







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