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Ziptnf - Complex Mathematics [maximum power psytrance] **farewell mix!**


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This mix represents the last entry in the mathetmatic psytrance trilogy, and my final effort at blasting out some heavy duty psytrance. I think I'm going to take a much needed break after this mix. I originally started mixing because nobody else was playing what I wanted to hear. Right now I need to find new inspiration, because when I keep playing the same type of stuff every year, I can't stay interested. I've pumped out over 60 mixes in the past 6 years, and I felt that I might as well finish where I started. My very first mix was called Midnight Complex (it was terrible, don't bother listening) so the title pays some homage to that very first mix. I also find it highlights my overall taste; high variety, complexity, and energy. So I'm going out with a bang. This one is packed with the best psytrance I could find from 2014. Huge amounts of energy in this one, and I hope I'm sending you guys off right! I'm not retiring forever, you may see a mix or two pop up from me in the future but this is the end of Ziptnf for now.


CPU & A-Team - Born Too High (SynSUN Remix) [Mainstage]

Hyperactive vs Vibraddict - Hyper Addicted [Free Minds]

Bliss - Stolen Mind [Nutek]

Blastoyz - My Journey [EDM]

Azax Bliss - The Bomb [Nutek]

Brain Attack - Break The Show [Mechanik]

Acidbrain - Made in Carvalhais [biomechanix]

Dapanji & Brain Attack - Illusion [Mechanik]

Brainwash vs Alienn - First Level of Storm [Fractal]

Brainwash vs Alienn - Cooking Is Art [Kaos Krew]

Psycho System - Abstract Sky [up!Noize]

Counteractive & Noise Bomb - Crazy Athmosphere [Woorpz]


Soundcloud link:


Left-click to download:

Ziptnf - Complex Mathematics (1:17:01) 177MB ~320kbps


Thanks for all the support over the last 6 years! I had a blast!


See you around! Enjoy! :D

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dude, always loved your mixes...really sharp and focused in whichever subgenre you chose. i checked them out to get a taste of some styles i usually don't hear.


take a well earned break, and i hope to hear more when you feel like it



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Hey guys, thanks for the kind words! I'm very busy this year, I'm getting married and buying a house! Lots of stuff to do getting my life started with my new wife. I'll make a return soon, I've already felt the itch. Maybe after all my obligations settle :)

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