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Skizologic - Adrenochrome

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Blubber    25


BMSS Records

September 2014


1. Adrenochrome
2. Space Rhythm
3. Atmosphere
4. Skizologic & BrightLight - Dreams are a form of Consciousness
BMSS Records caught me by surprise. It was Sephira's new release which brought me to the label's Bandcamp page and showed me that there is not only Ovnimoon who tries to capture wide ranges of different psy-genres. This is worth a surf, even Suntrip fanboys could find a treat.
So... Skizologic. Some of you might heard of him. He is a Goa aficionado who traveled also with Zion604 Records. And while I haven't heard his output before I can tell you that he has balls! Adrenochrome is a Full-Power-Space-Trance Package with a great amount of Psy. The tracks move foreward in a futuristic laser tunnel full of flashing lights and rumbling bass like the cover may imagine. Goa hints here and there appear to remind you that Psytrance can be more than either Goa or Full-On. My favourite is the second track. While I synchronize with the Space Rhythm I feel like a boxer who can stand a thousand punches without falling. Every effect hits right in my face but I will stumbledance further through the neurotunnel. The middle-break gives me all the power I need to defend my space in overcrowded dancefloors. So far this is my outdoor-power-psybomb of the year! Thanks Skizologic!
Well done BMSS, this EP is a great catch! Curious? Have a listen here...

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StratosOZ    33

This is some funky, dirty acid. Love it!

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Trance2MoveU    410

Glad I saw this.  If you liked this you should check out his Robotized album.  Absolute gem that one.  The reviewer is spot on, as Maor shows that he has a wide range of psychedelic music ability.  Melody and power are well represented here as he deftly weaves goa and psytrance together, but unlike the OP I found the second track boring with no sense of direction.  It's a decent Ep, but doesn't come close to the skill he has shown on other releases.

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