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Artist: Optokoppler

Title: Bugfix

Label: Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Date: June, 2003


1. Backspace

2. Take A Look

3. Animation

4. Massive

5. Halftime

6. Hamburg City

7. Ghostbuster

8. Sequence

9. Northern Virus


Optokoppler? Any more German and there would be a bratwurst with lederhosen and a mustache on the cover.


I decided to go back and listen to this the 2nd release from the German project Optokoppler. I know I own it and the picture is fresh in my mind, but the cure for cancer could be in there and I wouldn't know it.


*Just so you know I checked and uh, that uh, cure thing...well, it ain't in there. Pays to be thorough.*


But this is the problem I have with a lot of stuff that's released today and especially with full-on. It's not the deepest subgenre to begin with and when the technology to make this music became more accessible well...let's just say that I'm waiting for the Isis EP from YSE. Oh and you better believe they'd probably release it.


Point is all artists aren't created equal of course so when you're inundated with average stuff it all gets lost in one giant homogenous waste of time. I don't even think this album is terrible, but neither do I believe it to have enough fresh ideas to make it memorable. So it becomes background noise. A suitable title could be, "Non-Abrasive Soundtrack While You're Doing Sh*t." But Bugfix is probably cheaper from a printing angle.


Now I want to be clear...I've heard much worse full-on than this just like you have. Ultimately though the music is what matters and this is just another album I don't need.




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You know I hate full on, and yet I own this ablum.


It's pretty intelligent for some fullon music and enjoyable, with a notable effort on melodies.

Much better than the previous album by the same artist.

I like it.


Let's say, that in the ultra-stereotyped-and-not-so-well-produced fullon landscape at the time, it sounded rather fresh.


So, imo it's must-have for fullon lovers and an interesting experience for those digging into psytrance archives :)



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