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Elgiva - Mysticism

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Trance2MoveU    380



Artist: Elgiva

Title: Mysticism

Label: Ovnimoon Records

Date: May, 2014


1. Izolan (Elgiva Rmx) - Ovnimoon & Middle Mode

2. Unrevealed Secrets

3. Source of Power

4. The Prophet

5. Mysticism

6. Strange Thoughts

7. Forest of Fairies

8. Morning Sun

9. Adrenaline Rush



How does Hector do it?


Is he an international drug kingpin? A massively successful pimp with hoes in different area codes? Perhaps a lawyer who has made a small fortune defending kingpins and pimps? However it comes to be his label has released about 50 kilos of albums. Like the tides of the ocean they just keep coming. And it's not like he just throws some sh*t against the wall to see what sticks. Most everything I've heard has been of pretty good quality. And this without much publicity. Which goes to show you how important word of mouth is.


Elgiva is Bojan Stojiljkovic (Ascent) and Milan Rakic from Serbia. Of course why wouldn't they be? This duo has assembled a brilliant album. Like Hector himself they combine progressive trance with hard hitting psy and then add some goa flavor. Basically a trifecta of awesome. Melodic and powerful they also don't forget to pay attention to the details. Timely and descriptive breaks really allow the tracks to flourish. It strikes a good balance between being aggressive and dreamy. Serbians man, it looks like they actually read the manual for their software. Your move Israel.


When you're purchasing Ovnimoon's Trancemutation of the Mind make sure you slide this into your basket for a potent one two punch. I think whatever Hector actually does to make so many good albums happen he's probably gonna need bail money.







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Bill    85

Thanks mate! Solid review about Ascent previously and really digging that album because of your recommend. I'm expecting pure quality from this one.

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Bill    85

Solid album, frisky energy throughout, this would work real nice on a dance floor, works just as well on a set of headphones. "Adrenalin Drum" is a nice track, did not care for it during the first couple of minutes but the longer it sticks around the better it gets. "Forest of Fairies" is good and trippy and still has a lot of pop in the energy department. "Source of Power," "The Prophet," "Mysticism".... it straddles the line between progressive and full-on real well. So what would that be classified as? Pure psytrance?

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