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Artist: Astropilot
Album: Iriy
Label: Altar Records
Genre: Progressive Psy-chill, Psy-chill, Downtempo, Ambiant



1.Gamayun – 11:35
2.The last nigth of Svarog – 11:29
3.Svarog's Morning – 9:27
4.Rod – 9:31
5.Makosh – 7:19
6.Svar-ga – 8:27
7.Veda (feat. Mikrokosmos) – 10:16
8.Back to Midgard-Earth – 12:56

Each time that I listen to a new Astropilot album, I always have the same reaction: ''Cheezzz … I did not know that he could create this kind of music.'' Album after album, Astropilot offers new unexpected ambiance in completely different universes. For me, he is one of the most diversified and original psychill artists. It is really hard to define Astropilot's genre. Offering a collection of tracks in which we find much space, and ambiance as deep shamanic trance tunes, not to mention a whole bunch of progressive and fast 4/4 kick structure tracks. Each album allows us to see a new surprising face from this artist.

With ''Iriy'', it is in a deep trance adventure that we are invited. Each track proposes profound bass lines and groovy 4/4 kicks. It is dancy, but so floaty at the same time. Really intense, but smoochy on the other hand. The sound and the bass hits you in the chest while the shining melody opens your mouth and shows your teeth; a continuous presence of background choir, thus giving a heavenly feeling while keeping moving vibration. Overhall, each track proposes complex progressive structure that develops surprinsingly. As a dj, this album is becoming one of my masterpieces when I mix a deep trance set. Follow Iriy and enter in the dance with your heart opened and your eyes closed!



Gamayun –


''Gamayun'' opens the album really well. Three minutes of etherical and spacy introduction, offered within deep seated vibration. Slowly, the kick shows its nose in natural continuity with the begining. At six minutes everything begins … 4/4 beat structure, smooth background of airy voices and simple melody … beautiful progression.


The Last Night of Svarog –


In an intimate ambiance, a track that develops in a pure simplicity. Everything moves, progresses, changes, but at the same time still in the same universe. A surprising deep track that brings you close to the dream.


Svarog's Morning –


If the last tune prepared the listener to visit Morpheus, ''Svarog's Morning'' unfolds the daylight. Crystalline sounds intertwined with etherical and shining melody that has chapters of variety and flows well from segment to segment with good development.


Rod --


''Rod'' is a hypnotical track that develops slowly a gentle melody. In the middle, a crash … everything collapses, to rebirth from the ashes. Heavenly choir accompagnies the journey of the simple but efficient notes.


Makosh –


Such a beautiful track... No kick, no dancefloor. Beautiful introdution that recalls the crystaline universe of Icelandic musicians Bjork in her ''Vespertine'' period, Sigur Ros or even Jonsi. Soft bass line appears, you close your eyes and let yourself go in this introspective starlit universe.


Svar-ga –


Celestial chants, sparkling sounds, rolling double kick… there we go! Complex tune with multi-layered spectra of warm bass and kick, micro-melodies and tonal motifs enveloped by organic rhythms and divine choir. The best track of the album.


Veda –


This track compliments the album's cohesive feel. Less dancy, but still really grounded in a warm bass spectrum. This tune develops unexpected chapters of melody, bringing delicate lines of organic instruments with shining electronic texture.


Back to Midgard –


The last track, the last moment to dance. ''Back to Midgard'' surrounds the listener in a deep groovy double kick intertwined with heavenly textures. It is a non-stop building of harmonic soundcape that brings the dance floor in a beautiful daydreaming!


You can buy and listen to samples at:

Altar Records: http://www.altar-records.com/Iriy.html

BandCamp :http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/iriy


YouTube links :



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It is nice, slow ambient trance, very deep and floaty. Some tracks are more interesting than others and I keep enjoying them after multiple listens. But this music can be boring, as the tracks are very floaty and don't have much progression. This album is good for background music but it can also be an enjoyable listen if you're on the right mindset. 


I think Veda and Svarog's Morning are my favourites.

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