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Elysium, Sheyba, Kaaya, Kailash & Undercover Live - FREE Download

Guest The Hypnotic LFO Room

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Guest The Hypnotic LFO Room



This is Elysium's latest 3 hour live-set. It is now available for downloads.


Elysium - Interpretation of Dreams
Elysium - Elysium
Elysium - Psychobabas
Elysium - Keep It Cool
Elysium - Wild Dance on Naked Feet
Elysium - Ethnolastic)
Elysium - Subconsciousness
Elysium - Dust
Elysium - Monzoon
Elysium - Master of The Rainforest
Sheyba - Trance Africa Express (Elysium Remix)
Elysium - Jupiter
Elysium - Aliens
Elysium - Deep Blue Sea
Sheyba - Monkeys
Kailash - Mystery Brain
Undercover - Mission 1
Kaaya - Braindance
Prana - Alien Pets (Elysium Remix)
Sheyba - Ganesh
Sheyba - Trance Africa Express

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Oh man. The other day I listened to it.


You can't imagine how much I melted while listening. I lied on my bed with my headphones on, and I felt so relaxed that I was in a state of well-being I haven't known for months or even years. I was at peace with this music.


I knew I could get some energy or concentration/insight through Goa. But Elysium made me know that Goa can bring me inner peace as well.


Thank you a hundred times for this blessed moment Kristian. For one moment, you were the best of therapists for me.

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