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Nostromosis - Wood Illusion EP


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Artist: Nostromosis

Title: Wood Illusion EP

Label: Self Released

Date: 2011


1. Mowgli

2. Wood Illusion

3. Mantras of Druids

4. Ents

5. In the Middle of the Glimmered Trees


This is Igor Sidorov and I think he has a new EP out on Timewarp Records. Wood Illusion dates back a few years and is his first released ep. I think he first released it by himself and then I guess Goa Records decided to pick it up, slap on a new cover, and now you have the honor of paying $7.50 for it.


And I think it shows an artist that has some great ideas, but also has room to grow. I liked Mowgli and it's many layers and Ents with it's fluid goa melody, but I'm guessing his sound palette was slightly limited. Either that or I just didn't like the sounds he used. The rest sounded like a first EP would sound. Very raw and choppy. As I said the ideas are there and they are solid. Now it's just experience and the execution that will follow.


I would love to see him come back to this and remix it.






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