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Meaning of Chicken Life

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What is it like to be a chicken? You are briefly hatched in an egg, from which you emerged to be fed feed amongst a hive of other chickens, until you grow strong and are harvested by a giant machine to become chicken meat in a supermarket. Then you are cooked into a meal and nourish a human being. That nourishment then becomes part of that human being. The chicken life force melts into unity with the human life force, and they are one.

Does the chicken feel this transformation? Or does its consciousness end at the moment it is brutally crushed in a huge machine of death? Perhaps the chicken knows its a meal before it is born. Perhaps the chicken is prepared for that, and not surprised at its fate when it happens. Perhaps in the morphic field of resonance the chicken feels its destiny ahead of time, that it will become apart of a human being. While humans see stages in life and process, perhaps the chicken only experiences it all a single whole of experience, not based in linear time or space, and that the boundaries between life death and nourishment are not as accentuated as we humans experience it with our sophisticated ego structure and language. Because the advent of the chickens life is so very close to its death, it is born in the same place it dies, perhaps its experience is even reverseable? Perhaps what it experiences is first it is food for humans and then it is born, and as it lives it feels the life force of the future human it is fated to fill. Perhaps the meaning of its life reaches back to the beginnings and reinforces the chicken? In that way a chicken does not despair for its life, because it knows its life will become part of a human who will rekindle it over and over again forever. So the chicken does not loose its life, it simply changes form, the chicken lives on, as human lives on, and the chicken and human are one, in the wheel of life and just an expression of the various forms of life emanating the infinite life source.

There must be some kind of spiritual / emotional support to modes of existence like this, God helps those who sacrifice themselves for a cause. I think these lower life forms take comfort in the greater purpose and thus are willing to incarnate as a chicken. Not to provide farmers with profit and personal gain, but to feed the wheel of life of which the chicken is apart of.

Of course there are problems in industrial feed lots, sometimes these chicken do stage strikes in the form of diseases and what not, as a natural reaction against their maltreatment. Usually they win the suit, farmers must provide for happy chickens or else the chicken will eventually put the farmer out of business.

Chickens are conscious, they are based in the same life force as all other forms of life, have sentience, even a chicken heritage and perhaps one could even say culture, based in the instincts and DNA of the chicken. If that was not true they would not be edible. But even inanimate matter has a part in the life force according to Taoist 5 element theory, which is simply an elemental science of life energy.

Perhaps the chicken consciousness isnt as individualized as human consciousness is, perhaps the chicken is just a collective consciousness, of which is transcendental to individual chicken consciousness. Or perhaps it is both, perhaps when it gives up its body its no big deal for the chicken, "Oh OK says the chicken I just go back to paradise in the field of ecstasy..." it just floats back up and looks down from chicken consciousness which is within the field of greater consciousness and universal life consciousness, says, "wow that was an adventure lets do it again". - Chicken warrior consciousness undaunted by life and death.

Yay for chicken! Vegans are weird!

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Yes, the Chicken... you are very observative but I found your rant non-sense and so weak joke-wise... but then again we can't all be perfect (or Seinfeld). Anyhow I am pleased to say the Killing system will profit me well. Hehehe.

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Well, well...


What if I assumed I was/am going to be all the chicken I have eaten in this life in a previous/future incarnation... everything seems to be making a lot of sense, doesn't it? Maybe, next time, I'm ingesting something I should say: "Hello, former/future/other self, may I introduce you to my stomach?" :D

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