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Blue Planet Corporation - Unreleased Old Sounds Series - 1 - Compilation

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1. KoolKane
2. Blue Venus
3. Horizon MS6
4. Rumours From Outer Space
5. Soft Hypnotic Late bass (free)
6. 90's Voices Whispers
7. Cannibal (free)
8. Blackout
9. Fresh


Well guys I'm not sure if you have seen this yet, but it seems that BPC have released this a while ago (about a month or two). The price is at whatever you want, but I would definitely recommend giving more than just a few dollars since it deserves more. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy it quick!



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Haha, ya I would have to say the same. What would be cool to see this is in a game, where you walk into a room where it's all surreal like this and trippy. Or even maybe an actual place. Ooh.

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Ya you're welcome! I saw this posted on another site that has a psytrance section and I realized I haven't seen it at all here. So being a fan of the group and wanting to share the love, I posted here. The songs are really nice. More artist should definitely release more of their stuff that never got out.

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