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Found 3 results

  1. Ten thousand years of Trance Dance evolution, an absolutely outstanding musical genius, and a lifetime of dedication... Tobias Bassline presents: 3001: A Space Opera (Tribute to Blue Planet Corporation) An epic 3hr03min science-fiction movie-like Trance & Goa Trance mix, with some of the finest electronic music ever made. For the very first time completely remastered & restored, for maximum listening pleasure! "My god! It's full of melodies!" Are you ready to touch the monolith? The Evolution: Trance Dance rituals have been practiced by humans since the dawn of man, and were the most important ritualistic acts for thousands of years. With the advent of electronic dance music in the late '80s & early '90s, this evolved into a new genre named 'Trance,' which brought this historical form of expression to the next level. The Genius: Blue Planet Corporation is a French Trance, Goa Trance, and Downtempo/Ambient project that was created in 1990, originally a duo consisting of Gabriel Masurel and Christophe Le Bras. Christophe left in 1997, so BPC has been Masurel's solo project since then. The Dedication: Tobias Bassline is a German DJ with 25 years' experience behind the decks and 30 years of passion for Trance music. He is a DJ for three of the most renowned record labels in this scene and has played at parties and festivals all around the globe. More than 37 million views on his YouTube channel make him one of the most heard Psytrance DJs in the world. Details: 3001: A Space Opera (Tribute to Blue Planet Corporation) 2022 - 3h 03m Storyline: A journey spanning thousands of years for mankind to reach the promised monolith, leading to the paradise called Arcana. Genres: Science Fiction, Adventure, Trance, Goa Trance, Musical Quotes: My god! It's full of melodies! Director: Tobias Bassline Writers: Gabriel Masurel, Christophe Le Bras, Sebastian Masurel, DJ Thierry XDR Animations: Miro Moric Audio Supervisor: Colin Bennun The Chapters: Chapter 1: "DNA" Chapter 2: "High NRG" Chapter 3: "Transmission" Chapter 4: "Genetic" Chapter 5: "Alidade" Chapter 6: "Midian" Chapter 7: "Xoco" Chapter 8: "Juno Satellite" Chapter 9: "Sub Sonic Underground" Chapter 10: "Entropie (Remix)" Chapter 11: "Crystal" Chapter 12: "Micromega" Chapter 13: "Psychonaut" Chapter 14: "Cyclothymic" Chapter 15: "Intrigue" Chapter 16: "Antidote" Chapter 17: "Overbloody Flood" Chapter 18: "Barocco" Chapter 19: "Generator" Chapter 20: "Open Sea" Chapter 21: "Blue Pill" Chapter 22: "Lubiantia" Chapter 23: "Atoll" Chapter 24: "The Doors Of Midian" Chapter 25: "KoolKane" Chapter 26: "Proto Trance" Chapter 27: "Arcana" Chapter 28: "Outro"
  2. ...This time Amanita Muscaria & Tricky meet Lunar Sunrise... https://www.facebook.com/events/120510331678711/ LIVE: BLUE PLANET CORPORATION (FR, Flying Rhino Recs, DAT Recs) Gabriel Masurel will perform a 2 hours set from the golden 90's period. https://www.youtube.com/embed/JVDL0oZk2hE COSMOSIS (UK, Transient Recs, Holophonic Recs) Bill Halsey will perform a 2 hours 'Killer oldschool live act' Think..Cosmology https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=spspwURI7Gg CROSSING MIND (FR, Suntrip Recs, DAT Recs) Stéphane Bèze will bring a 2 hours live performance that will blow your mind. https://www.youtube.com/embed/nOEEqf4eBwQ DJ: Anoebis (BE, Suntrip Records) https://soundcloud.com/anoebis https://www.facebook.com/Anoebis-202926626775/ Bandagor (BE, Amanita Muscaria, Goa Madness Records) https://soundcloud.com/jelle-de-coene https://www.facebook.com/bandagor/?fref=ts Sjama'Dan (BE, Amanita Muscaria) https://soundcloud.com/daniel-de-keulenaer https://www.facebook.com/Sjamadan-774095952684645/?fref=ts Gnome (BE, Amanita Muscaria) https://soundcloud.com/gnome3 https://www.facebook.com/Gnome-552386104870537/?fref=ts DECORATIONS: Dreamcatcher'T https://www.facebook.com/DreamcatcherT-269393619846431/?fref=ts TICKETS: https://shop.ikbenaanwezig.nl/tickets/event/sacraments-of-light HAPPY HOUR: People who arrive between 21h and 22h will get a FREE drink card, worth 2 consumptions!!!!! MARKET AREA: Suntrip Records & oldschool goatrance CD shop Please inform for your market at AM & Tricky meet LS at AM604@GMX.COM SOUND BY: Funktion-One powered by soundsystem.be http://www.soundsystem.be/
  3. 1. KoolKane 2. Blue Venus 3. Horizon MS6 4. Rumours From Outer Space 5. Soft Hypnotic Late bass (free) 6. 90's Voices Whispers 7. Cannibal (free) 8. Blackout 9. Fresh Well guys I'm not sure if you have seen this yet, but it seems that BPC have released this a while ago (about a month or two). The price is at whatever you want, but I would definitely recommend giving more than just a few dollars since it deserves more. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy it quick! http://blueplanetcorporation.bandcamp.com/album/unreleased-old-sounds-series-1-compilation
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