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ॐ Suduaya - Unity ॐ

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Artist: Suduaya

Album: Unity

Label: Altar Records

Genre: Downtempo, Psychill, Progressive Psychill




1.Suduaya & Irina Mikhailova – Sweetness 89BPM

2.By the Rain & Suduaya – Silent Awereness 88BPM

3.Zero Cult – Heartwork (Suduaya remix) 100 BPM

4.Unity 105 BPM

5.Green Beats – 80's Technology (Suduaya remix) 124 BPM

6.All is full of Light 93 BPM

7.Cabeiri – Voyager (Suduaya remix) 80 BPM

8.Empty your Mind (Feat. Amin) 81 BPM



Unity is the new downtempo project from Suduaya. Since 2010, he already made two others albums, some EP and collaborations and one compilation. More over, he has been touring the world with his guitar to play live in the biggest and most famous festivals. The perfect words to describe Unity are light and intense. It is a morning downtempo album, but with deep presence of bass texture. This union between ethereal trancy texture with inviting deep seated vibrations is delicious. With or without a 4/4 beat structure, each track offers a cohesive, heart-moving feeling while at the same time keeping the intense frequencies grounded; it floats, really high, and simultaneously our legs feel gravity and stay on the ground.




I said the first words that comes in my mind were light and intense. ''Unity'' presents a bunch of luminous different tracks, all unique from each other. ''Sweetness'', in collaboration with Irina Mikhailova, introduce this shining intention right at the outset of the album really well. Floating guitar and crystalline/mushy sounds intertwined in a deep, smooth bass line, all lead by the mystic voice of Irina. Same thing with ''Silent Awareness'', but in proposing more intensity throughout the bass line. It's an original track that has diverse chapters and they flow well from segment to segment with good development and progression, smoothly introducing gentle sounds of guitars and keyboards sprinkled here and there. The track develops more intensity while keeping it's shining structure. Enigmatic chant and guitar lead the way until the middle when aggressive slow kick and vibrations appear.


Aggressive kick and bass line—we have to remember that Suduaya is also steeped in the progressive trance tradition. Track like ''80's Technology'', a remix from Green Beats, present this face. It is a hypnotic progressive tune running at 125 bpm and offers a psychedelic structure intertwined with piano and guitar sounds. On their side, ''Heartwork'' and Unity, while proposing this progressive trance structure, remain in the downtempo ambiance. ''Unity'' ... such an awesome track! Starting aggressively with a deep kick accompanied with loud bass frequencies. The more the track progresses the more you feel an intense feeling of light subsumes the universe. Light, light, light and then comes the masterpiece: ''All is Full of Light''—a constant evolution up to the heavens! At each step you think that the climax is reached, that you cannot go further in the movement. But the next part brings another layer, and then again and again. ''The light is all around you''—these simple lyrics lead the way until the end.


The album finishes with two deeper tracks: ''Voyager'', a remix from Cabeiri, and ''Empty your Mind'', a collaboration with Amin. The remix of ''Voyager'' is not really different from the original one; same structure, same ambiance but Suduaya brings his guitar touch, which allows the track to travel higher in the space. Finally, ''Empty your Mind'' can recall the universe of ''Silent Awareness''. Same airy downtempo vibrations, original evolution and crystalline sounds. But if ''Silent Awareness'' is more yin, ''Empty your Mind'' is more yang, deeply rooted in a deep shamanik ambiance lead by a male chant. Awesome album ending!



Unity builds an original way to present a downtempo album. It is a beautiful combination of mysticism and grounded construction, not to mention awesome home made guitar lines signed by Suduaya. The light is everywhere in this album … Airy feeling, soul-moving atmosphere … A big smile to the universe! A must have in your discography.



You can buy and listen to samples at:

Altar Records : http://www.altar-records.com/unity.html

Bandcamp: http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/unity


Youtube Links :







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Trance2MoveU    379



Artist: Suduaya

Title: Unity

Label: Altar Records

Date: September, 2013


1. Suduaya & Irina Mikhailova - Sweetness

2. Suduaya & By The Rain - Silent Awareness

3. Zero Cult - Heartwork (Suduaya Remix)

4. Suduaya - Unity

5. Green Beats - 80's Technology (Suduaya Remix)

6. Suduaya - All Is Full of Light

7. Cabeiri - Voyager (Suduaya Remix)

8. Suduaya - Empty Your Mind (Feat. Amin)


I've always been a sucker for great artwork and this one screams with mysticism and color.  Suduaya is Louis-David Roquefere, a French psytrance and ambient artist who presents his third studio album.  Like his previous efforts he combines both genres with a heavy basis in nature.  Perhaps driving home the point that we on this planet are all one.  It's very relaxing and gentle with all the tracks sounding well produced.  He opens with the lush sounding Sweetness, an almost 13 minute journey that conjures up images of streaming sunlight as the wispy vocals of Irina Mikhailova float skyward.  He blends real world instruments with electronica throughout the album.  As I mentioned he creates both downtempo music as well as some light progressive trance like in his remix of Heartwork.  The title track is an example of his foray into deep progressive which is quite hypnotic.  Futuristic.  The only one I didn't care for was the too tribal Empty Your Mind.  The chanting was a little too much.  Even though the depth and quality dip slightly in the second half it's still pretty good.





Altar Records Bandcamp

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