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[THLRDIGI001] Elysium vs. ManMadeMan . Out Now!

Guest The Hypnotic LFO Room

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Guest The Hypnotic LFO Room


RELEASE DATE: 2013-11-11

LABEL: The Hypnotic LFO Room


Two pioneers from the international Goa/Psytrance scene join forces on this first release on Danish Elysium's new label The Hypnotic LFO Room.
Elysium (Denmark) and ManMadeMan (United Kingdom) need no introduction both with 20+ years long artist careers and extensive discographies on the major legendary Goa/Psytrance labels and traveling the World many times over playing at international Festivals and Clubs. On the "Hypno E.P" they remix each others tunes to perfection.
Elysium has remixed ManMadeMan's classic "Desire" into a deep atmospheric yet uplifting and melodic tribal mix and ManMadeMan has taken Elysium's "Jupiter" keeping the Vibe of the original and updated it into a beautiful fresh and uplifting mix. In a few words. This release is wicked!!!
Mastering by Martian Masters


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Guest The Hypnotic LFO Room

Very nice! One of the few artists that don't compromise their sound just for the sake of being 'fresh/modern'. :)

Thanks :)


Here is the release plan for 2014.


V/A - Elysium Remixed
A digital compilation with remixes of some of Elysium's classic tracks. Remixed by Elysium's friends.
V/A - The Dinosaurs
A digital compilation of various old-school and more recent artist friends releasing their take on Goatrance in 2014.
Elysium - Dance For The Celestial Beings Part II (Album)
Limited CD and digital release.
V/A - The Celestial Remixes
A digital compilation with remixes from "Dance For The Celestial Beings Part II". Remixes from Elysium's friends.
+ not yet planned digital E.P. and Single releases.
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