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Radical Distortion - Back In Time

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Artist: Radical Distortion

Title: Back In Time

Label: Eutuchia Music

Date: April, 2013


1. Promise of a Better World

2. Magic Carpet Remix - Gene Joke

3. Dark Energy

4. Relentless Galaxy

5. Solar Storm

6. Celestial Traveler

7. Voltage Source

8. Back In Time

9. Dreamer (2007 Original Mix)

10. India (2003 Original Mix)



Ever wish you could go back in time and have a do-over? Maybe ask that girl out that you didn't years ago because you were too chicken. Maybe place a few bets on a Super Bowl. Or possibly take something back. Something you shouldn't have done.




Ha! Imba you thought nobody was watching you in Spain, but we got you on tape mother f*cker!



Eutuchia Music presents it's very first CD (been digital up till now) from Radical Distortion. This is the fourth album from the Greek duo Nick Polytaridis and...no way.




What a dreamboat! I knew he played a musician on Full House, but didn't think he...


That's not the same guy? Are you sure? *frowns* Well...they should hire him to stand behind the decks to twist a few knobs. Think of the hot chick spillover! These guys have always struck me as the Rodney Dangerfield of goa. Even though they've been around for a long time they're not the first names you think of when you rattle off the best in new school goa trance. No respect. Maybe it's cause it's a crowded field or maybe it's because they half assed it on Regenesis. People still talk about what could've been on that album and seem to have long memories.


Well from my perspective they've been making amends ever since. And quite well I might add. Having released Psychedelic Dreams on Suntrip in 2009 (that's like 28 in goa years) they've also produced quality tunes for a bunch of compilations. Even the Suncokreti one with the sh*tty mastering where they gave away the track cause it was unrecognizable to their ears.


All in the past. Now with their latest out on Eutuchia (didn't see that coming) we can finally slay the Regenesis dragon. In my opinion this is the best work they've ever done.


Yeah, I said it. First of all these guys use a lot of analog hardware so expect that warm old school sound. And this is straight out of the past with ripping goa leads and entrancing melodies. Their remix of Magic Carpet is on absolute fire bringing relentless goa heat. But the whole album is full of tracks like that. Dark Energy twists and turns with melodic spirals in ever widening circles. Celestial Traveler is another stormer with a dark edge and lots of 303 pop.


They also include two older unreleased tracks (the 2007 remix of Dreamer and the odd 2003 remix of India). I tell you this is old school goa trance to the bone. At times it sounds like Transwave. Other times like MFG. They do the Indian melodies as well as the outer space stuff. All the tracks sound great so hats off to Nikos who did the mastering.


So yeah, they took a step back in time and brought back some freshness. Congratulations gentlemen this is some fine work. Highly recommended.


Bandcamp Get a digital copy for just 4.50 Euro! What a bargain!



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