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"V/A - Xerox & Illumination RMX"

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Artist: Various

Title: Xerox & Illumination RMX

Label: HOM-Mega Productions

Date: April, 2009


1. Paranoia (Black and White rmx)
2. Tribal metal (Insomnia rmx)
3. The beast within (PTX rmx)
4. Ghost in the machine (U-Recken rmx)
5. X-files (Chakra vs. XI rmx)
6. Control me (XI rmx)
7. Sun burn (Hipnotix rmx)
8. Battleship (Krunch rmx)
9. Night shift (Loud rmx)
10. Welcome to paradise (cover mix)


"As I was going up the stairs...I met a man who wasn't there."


This is a remix album for a bunch of X&I tracks. I always liked that duo as their compositions exhibited a dark techno vibe that fit seamlessly with their powerful music. Yeah it's full-on, but it was usually the type of full-on that didn't make you roll your eyes. And trust me when I see artists like Black & White, PTX and Loud it's hard to control that eye rolling reflex.


F*ck this is what happens when you let full-on artists mess with your tracks. It's like taking a new iPhone and then covering it with that glittery sh*t. Totally emasculating. Annoying. Choose your adjective. They've taken the dark atmosphere and put a Hello Kitty sticker on it. Galloping bass lines galore and cheesy melodies for the rave crowd. Even their own remix lacks a pulse. Wailing guitars I thought Sun Project was in the building. Battleship which is probably my favorite track has now been neutered and lacks all the gravity and grandeur it once contained. This compilation just takes all the air out of some really good tracks. Depressing. This must've been how Daisy felt when she found out Donald was shtupping Minnie Mouse.










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