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Nervasystem - Stardust EP


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Artist: Nervasystem
Release: Stardust EP
Year: 1997
Label: Matsuri Productions
Cat-#: MP27
Rating: 3.5/4

A: Stardust
AA: Matter Transfer

Dressler always makes completely ridiculously long tracks. Both of these tickin' in at about 11 minutes. On top of that this is '97 and Matsuri said bye bye to goa a couple of releases ago. So what we're up for is 20 minutes of dark psychedelic dungeons.

I'm kind of liking this, it's not peak time ass kicking trance music but it at least sounds and feels like the music has some purpose. Stardust has a main synth stab lead which is manipulated throughout pretty much the whole track. And Mark is doing it in a mentally unstable tricky way which propels the track in the right direction. Matter Transfer follow pretty much the same recipe.

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Very good! I never listened to AA side before today (just did on youtube) it's even better than A side, agressive old school dark psytrance, groovy sound.

Stardust is on several compilations, good track too but it could be a bit more powerful with a harder kick IMO.

Always liked Nervasystem for some reason.

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