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SoulQuark - Slow Tachyon EP


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Artist: SoulQuark

Title: Slow Tachyon EP

Label: Neogoa

Date: May, 2013


1. Nitrogen Narcosis

2. Soul Bruise

3. Tāne Mahuta

4. Celestine Language

5. Lost In Frozen Dream




This was released by Neogoa around the same time as the Goatree EP and while a review thread was started pretty quickly for that EP, Slow Tachyon has been largely ignored. Why?


I'm looking at you hippie. Yeah, you.


Is it because it's not goa in the sense we are used to? Too ethnic sounding? It's definitely different, full of chopped up vocal chants and beat patterns not usually seen in today's goa trance. So it's not goa. What it is though is melodic and deep with emotional feeling and a tribal essence. Nowhere is that more evident than in Soul Bruise with its battle of the bands like percussion. Celestial Language is a downtempo track that is brimming with electronic wonderment. With plenty of well placed soaring vocal phrases there is a strong spiritual component. Lost in Frozen Moment is another track that slowly ascends the mountain top while also being symphonic. This wouldn't be out of place in a big budget Hollywood soundtrack.


Or God willing a Bollywood production.


Throw away your preconceived notions of what this is and what box it should go in. Unless you have a box labeled moving electronic music. Yeah it would fit in there.


Get on this if you're looking for something outside the norm.


Free at Ektoplazm




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If someone asks me what kind of music is SoulQuark, probably i couldn't decribe it with one or two words, mainly because huge ammount of styles and influences, sometimes it sounds like cinematic music made for movies, sometimes it takes me away into deep amazon forests with tribal beats, sometimes it's trippy and psychedelic downtempo. Anyway, this one is probably one of my favorite releases that I had priviledge to release and i'll definetley talk with SoulQuark about releasing maybe a full-lenght album sometime in the future. Thanks for the review Mike!

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Lovely music. I had a big ambient and dub "phase" last year, which kinda died out when I discovered all the brilliant neogoa stuff that's been coming out in the last 8 years or so. Just when I started getting a bit oversaturated with all that, I read T2MU's review of SoulQuark and tried it out today. Safe to say I'm 100% in agreement. Very different: psychedelic yet so emotional. It's early days yet, but I suspect this will remain interesting forever, as opposed to some stuff I've found that gets a bit boring/samey after a while (e.g. Bluetech or Androcell).


Also, Basilisk: if you're reading this, you deserve a f*cking Nobel prize for bringing Ektoplazm to the masses.

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