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Name your God

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Interestingly I have been making up my own version of God names. So 'My' Gods are:




1. Bad Hadfield - I guessed this was my name

2. Final Hadfield - I guessed this was the me controlling space

3. Fidel Hadfield - same guy

4. Tamisy or Tamisky - the God that was against the 'evil souls' and was going to reward me

5. Matlink - personal ideas

6. Robert Wade

7. THX

8. Sky Skyper (the boss of Skynet)

9. Norm Normal (the original 'one' from the Matrix who would later become the boss of Skynet or vice versa)

10. The Watcher

11. That - a 34 year old God that again is going to reward me with the Double 17 situation

12. Strecande - a God of rewards again with me being 'J'...



I had some other ones that don't come to mind. Anybody else have their own God names?

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Surely I wouldn't be in a vulnerable situation if I was God and I was on the Earth. Surely I would have predicted it, and therefore had provisions or I wouldn't even be here in the first place. Why would I risk bullshit like that with rubbish people, for I just like enjoying myself. I would never make the decision to come to Earth if it was too dangerous... what is this shit I'm seeing with the four eyes black guy who's got white skin??? that popped after I saw a picture of a four eyed being who I thought of being as myself. Imposters? Well the wrong disgusting imposters can't succeed... it should be impossible. Now fuck off and leave me alone. I shouldn't be in this situation. Bullshit people need to be punished. YOU ARE WRONG. Black guys needed to stick to black girls. It's infinitely serious... the white girls are my lovers. The blacks are a joke enemy basically to me...

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What do you think you're doing black guy? Getting your hands on something other than your disgusting black girls? That's not allowed. It's infinitely serious, and you're going to get your judgement. Don't you think I don't know that your a pathetic evil disgusting shit so therefore you get nothing better than your kind. That's your judgement you disgusting shit, now that all the inter-racial sex has happened the bad humans of the Earth must get their judgement... according to the Ultimatum:


Destroy the races who have not made scientific contributions (the black race), and I'll give them everything, otherwise everyone has to die.


This means you have lost, and you might even deserve hell. Imposters who are a threat to me should obviously get their punishment, and I obviously had to be killed and sent to my Ultraworld because I was 'possibly god'... or am I suppose to wait till you all die so I can be the winner of the planet according to some planetary state of competition?

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